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Occasionally we get commissioned to create a bespoke piece of jewellery for something very special, that isn’t for a wedding or engagement. Carol came to us wanting to create a ring to symbolise her beloved mother, who sadly passed away. She had been searching for the perfect piece of jewellery for the past two years and despite coming close at a local jewellers using mined diamonds, she couldn’t find one within her budget. After some research, it wasn’t only the price that put Carol off purchasing a mined diamond, as she learnt more about the damaging effects of the diamond mining industry she began to see that lab-grown diamonds were the way forward. That’s where we came in!

Four photographs of our customers family.

After studying our website and a telephone call with our founder, Elaine, Carol decided that Ethica was the jeweller for her. We couldn’t be more delighted and honored to be commissioned such a special ring with so much meaning. Carol chose us because she had become increasingly aware of the darker side of mined diamonds. Mined diamonds have a catastrophic effect on our environment, people and the communities surrounding them.  Lab-grown diamonds and gemstones have a significantly lower impact, and despite using energy to grow, are a much more ethical and sustainable option, with no risk to the people involved in growing them. Here at Ethica, we only offer stones and diamonds that are lab-grown and of the highest quality, so Carol knew she was in safe hands.


She chose to set her ring with our signature Ethica Diamond stone, moissanite with a lab diamond infusion, offering the same toughness and longevity as diamonds. You can read more about our stone options here. When it came to the design of the ring, we worked with her to find the right piece that would represent her mum, herself and her sister. Carol opted for a twisted shoulder set band that curves up to frame a central round brilliant stone. The two stone set shoulders represent Carol and her sister, and the dazzling centre represents Carol’s mother. It was the perfect choice, set in platinum with a 1.0ct centre.

It’s safe to say that Carol was pleased with the finished ring, as this is what she had to say when we asked her,

“I wear it often and get many compliments on the design. I love to wear it in sunlight. The Ethica stones are magical. This ring is of special significance to me. My wonderful Mum died two years ago and my ring represents the special bond that I had with my Mum. The centre stone which is a 1ct is beautiful and represents my beautiful Mum. The two sides joining the centre stone represent my Sister and myself. Mum would have adored my ring. She loved jewellery, particularly, rings. Mum was there when I was born and I was with her when she died. That bond is never broken”

We are so happy to have been part of Carols ring buying journey, and that we could provide her with the perfect ring to symbolise her special relationship with her wonderful mum. It just goes to show that Ethica Diamond jewellery isn’t just for engagements, but for any type of love! Thank you so much Carol for sharing your beautiful story with us. Three images showing the Isabella ring worn outside in the sunlight on the customers hand. The images show the ring worn with and without a wedding band, showing off the central 1.0ct stone and the shoulder set twisting shoulders.

Carol was kind enough to send us these gorgeous photo’s of her ring sparkling in the sunlight! Sending you so much love Carol,

The Ethica Team x

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