Winners: Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2023

Winners: Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2023

We have achieved some amazing things along our journey, and we are super excited to add to our awards with Marie Claire! We are a small team here at Ethica Diamonds (and proudly so!), but being small doesn’t mean we can’t achieve big things.

This week, we were announced as the WINNER for the jewellery category for the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2023, alongside other amazing brands such as BAM, Hotel Chocolat, Vinted and Whole Earth!

"The brand has, over the last 12 years, displayed a commitment to staying up to date with how to be more sustainable and environmentally responsible – and, crucially, put it into action [with] recycled gold, lab-grown diamonds and more,"

says Eshita Kabra-Davies, founder and CEO of By Rotation, and the Sustainability Awards judge.

Read the full write up here.

Winning this Marie Claire award for being the most sustainable jewellery brand is a huge honour for us. It is amazing to be recognised as a significant part of the genuine sustainability movement, that is not part of the greenwashing trend, and for our efforts of being true to our values above all else.

Our pledges as an ethical fine jewellery brand include using lab grown diamonds, gemstones & moissanite, recycled precious metals (that are independently certified where possible), recycled plastic-free packaging and supporting worthwhile causes with a percentage of our net profit.

You can read more about our sustainability promise here

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As one of the first companies to specialise in lab grown alternatives to natural diamonds, doing the right thing by our values hasn’t always been easy, or necessarily always made “commercial business sense” (and frankly, this is still the case!) Refusing to sell natural diamonds, even though it may have cost us in sales, has been a brave business decision to make, particularly before the lab diamond market started to boom. But staying true to our values in pursuit of doing what we believe in, instead of chasing sales, has definitely been worth it in the long run.

Winning this award is a nice nudge of acknowledgement that doing the right thing pays off, and it feels really good! We also want to take this opportunity to thank our customers for supporting us along our journey so far. It has been the support of our customers which has helped us to continue our pursuit of sustainability within the jewellery industry, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them. We are living proof that caring about where you spend your money really does have a big impact!

Although there are still improvements to be made within the industry, we are thrilled to be a part of the sustainability movement, doing the right thing in business by people and the planet.

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