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Customer Review | Ethica Diamonds

Ethica Diamonds have a great reputation for customer service – our FEEFO reviews are excellent and we were awarded the Platinum Customer Service Award for 2020 AND 2021! We take great care with every person who enquires about purchasing conflict-free diamond jewellery from us so let us walk you through the process, and you’ll see what we mean.

Let’s imagine you’re interested in purchasing an ethical diamond engagement ring for your girlfriend as you’re working towards a proposal in a few months’ time. You have an idea of what she might like, more or less, and a budget. First of all, make sure you allow plenty of time for this – we can do expedited orders, but you want time to have a proper conversation with us, and make sure you’re getting exactly what you both want.

So, you message Ethica through this website. You send a couple of pictures of rings your other half has admired on Instagram and explain what your budget is. You’re not really sure what a diamond alternative or a lab grown diamond is, and exactly how it works, so you ask a few questions.

You will be offered, first of all, a choice about how we communicate with you. If you share a home with your partner, it can be difficult keeping ring conversations a secret if you’re receiving phone calls at home, or emails on a shared computer. To make it easier for you, we can text, use a different email address, or WhatsApp, as you prefer, and not leave answerphone messages unless you say it’s OK. We would make excellent spies!

Olivia = (our customer service queen) will help you out with some answers to your questions, explaining that the Ethica Diamond is a diamond alternative and we also offer pure lab-grown diamonds.

Ethica Contact

Our customer service queen, Olivia!

Once you’re happy with that, you can carry on looking at designs with Olivia. We have videos of rings from all angles, so you can see the Ethica Diamonds or Lab-grown diamonds sparkling, in a way that’s not quite possible in a still image. Here is where you can choose path A, or Path B.  Path A is where you are drawn to a ring in our catalogue, and you’re sure that’s what your future fiancée would like best. Path B is your route if you decide to design a ring with us, that will be unique, a bespoke creation.

graphic showing the 2 options when buying earth-friendly diamond jewellery from us.

Path A or Path B?

Let’s follow Path A first. You choose the ring you like from the catalogue, and discuss with Olivia the metal you would like, the size of the diamond, or diamonds, the size of the ring itself, and any engraved message you’d like. Once this is clear, Olivia takes your order, with a deposit, or finance package, and our jeweller is contacted to begin work. Olivia will keep you up to date with the progress of your ring, and when it is ready, usually 15-19 working days later, you will pay the balance, and it will be delivered.

Path B takes slightly longer, as we’re working with you to create something new. It starts with you describing and showing pictures of what you’d like. Olivia will help you out – we have rings with all sorts of configurations of stones, different settings, various shoulder mounts, and more, so you can mix and match, or simply provide an image and tell us ‘one like that’, as well as the size you need. Our design team will then get to work with creating a digital render pack of your design, which will show you exactly how your design will look, the size, the dimensions and even a 3D cad video showing every angle. Once you’ve approved the CAD, our dedicated workshop goes to production!

The different stages of a bespoke ring, from design to manufacturing.

Bespoke Process: 1. Sketches 2. Digital Drawing 3. CAD

We then perform the final quality tests, to ensure that this is exactly what you wanted, and has no flaws. Our photographer will photograph it for our website/social media, then we package it up to send to you! We’ll ask you for the remaining payment now, too.

Whether you choose Path A or path B, your ring will be delivered in discrete packaging, to an alternative address if you wish, so that your partner doesn’t get suspicious.  When you receive your ring, you propose and she says yes. We all celebrate with you – really, we do!

Later on, many of our customers come back to us to purchase wedding rings, and some have already bought one because their engagement ring is an unusual shape and requires a special wedding ring to fit around it.

We’ll also contact all of our customers to make sure that the ring is properly fitted and there are no problems. We always ask for a review, because this is important to our business, and enquire whether you’d like to be part of our Customer Stories series on our website. We really love to hear your stories and see your beautiful photos, so we’re delighted when someone agrees to take part in this way.

We hope that this gives you a good feel for what our customer support process is, and you can see how we keep in contact with you every step of the way.  We know this is different from many other jewellers – and that’s very deliberate. We look forward to working with you to choose your perfect ring, or other pieces of jewellery, soon.

FeeFo 2021


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