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Sometimes, when you’re shopping, the perfect thing you want just jumps out at you; you see it and it’s perfect, so you buy it, whether it’s a pair of shoes, a wardrobe, or a diamond ring. Occasionally, though, nothing you see is quite right. There isn’t anything, anywhere you look, that comes close to the picture in your head. Or you know that what you want is so special that no-one will have come up with anything that matches up. Or you want one ‘like that – but with this changed’. Or you want something utterly unique, that no-one else has. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about unique wardrobes or shoes, but you’re in the right place if your idea involves ethical jewellery! We have a bespoke service here at Ethica Diamonds, where we can help customers realise their design ideas, and create unique rings, pendants and other jewellery.

So, how does it work?


We begin by having a conversation with you, about your design idea, inspiration, and specifications. You might want a pendant, earring and eternity ring set, you might have an idea for an engagement ring that will need an unusually shaped wedding ring to go around it, you might know that your fiancée-to-be loves a certain style of jewellery, you may have seen something perfect elsewhere including mined diamonds and just want an ethical version… You’ll probably also have a budget in mind!

Once we’ve agreed a specification for your jewellery, we’ll provide you with a quotation based on the diamond(s) alternative, precious metal, other stones, design concept and ring size.
If you choose to commission this design from us, then we will go ahead, on receipt of a deposit of £300 which will include hand sketches and CADs.


Bespoke Ethica Diamond Engagement Ring



Now we have the ingredients in place, we will start to design the jewellery. This takes the form of detailed technical drawings, produced using CAD software – computer aided design. We will email you the first draft design images within 10 working days of confirmation, showing images of the jewellery from different angles. We will spend typically 2-3 weeks amending the designs based on your feedback, modifying and tweaking until we get it right.

Once you’ve given final approval, we move to the production stage. At this point we’ll ask you for a second payment, of 50% of the total less the £200 deposit.



Once we’ve got approval, we will cast the jewellery in your chosen metal, and then set the Ethica Diamonds and other stones you have chosen, as well as any finishing touches you have specified. All our jewellery is created by master craftsmen and women, so the workmanship is of the highest quality. This process usually takes a few days.

Ethica Diamonds - Design your own

The final ring – isn’t it gorgeous? Centre stone is a 1.0ct Ethica Diamond alternative, with a trillion cut green tourmaline on either side.

At this point we subject your design to the same rigorous quality checks that every piece of Ethica Diamonds jewellery undergoes. We offer a lifetime guarantee with every item we sell, whether we designed it, or you did!


Your finished piece is given a final quality check, and then shipped to you in our distinctive eco-friendly packaging; luxurious on the inside, discrete on the outside.

At this point we request the final balance payment, of 50% of the total, before shipping.


This is where you, or your loved one, wear the jewellery happily for the rest of your lives. We love to see pictures of people enjoying items we’ve created for them, so please do get in touch.

We’re suckers for happy engagement and wedding stories, but we’re really keen to design other items as well. Want to start your own bespoke process? Visit our dedicated bespoke website!

Finally, if you would like to read a bit more about our award-winning service, click here!

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