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If you’re looking at engagement rings, you will see a wealth of articles explaining what the hot trends are for engagement rings at the moment. This is another one, but we do know that every person choosing to wear an engagement ring is unique, and you’re not going to blindly buy a certain ring, simply because someone says you have to have it, so this is more of an overview of what’s around.

Firstly, if you’re just engaged, huge congratulations! We’re delighted for you, and hope you have a wonderful time planning your wedding.

Ethica Diamonds customer review - Jack P

Recently engaged couple with the Madison engagement ring – Ethica Diamonds


With regards to the trends that are big right now, the main trend seems to be that everyone wants to be different.  Unusual rings are very much where the market is going, and mass-market high-street jewellers are struggling to keep up. We’ve known for years that every bride-to-be is unique, and have made sure that even our catalogue rings have plenty of opportunities to create something that is uniquely yours.  We offer a variety of stone sizes, metals including gold in yellow, white and rose, platinum and sometimes palladium, as well as engraving. The designs that we have created cover a wide range of styles, so there is sure to be something that matches your taste.


Bespoke by Ethica Diamonds

One of our beautiful bespoke pieces


In terms of the most popular styles, differently shaped stones are increasingly popular.  Oval and pear-cut diamonds are still very much present.  They form part of a larger trend for non-circular diamonds, as emerald cut, and cushion cut diamonds are also making the news.  Meghan Markle (now Duchess of Sussex) wears a generous cushion-cut diamond as the centrepiece of a trilogy ring, which may have something to do with this being a hot design.

Often, a diamond that is something other than a round, brilliant cut stone, will appear larger for its carat weight, so can get more bling for your buck.  This might also be why they’re popular…

Bespoke Ethical Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Bespoke Ethical Halo Engagement Ring


Another direction in which people are heading, is for something more bold than a standard solitaire.  Halo rings, popular for the last couple of years, are still right up there, and double halos are also appearing in the trendy places.  Halos that are a bit different, like our halo ring Ami, are definitely seeing a rise in interest.

Sustainable Halo Diamond Alternative Ring | Ami | Ethica Diamonds

Our Ami Ring

Taking ‘bold’ in another direction, the vintage styles are also proving very popular right now.  Styles with emerald cut diamonds, ovals, or using baguette cut diamonds around a central stone of another colour, and marquise cut diamonds (long, thin diamond-shaped diamonds) are a great choice.


Lab-Grown Oval Cut Ring | Fleur | Ethica Diamonds Cornwall UK

Our Fleur Ring



A new trend that has been emerging lately is for hidden detailing.  We offer engraving, so that you can hide a message inside your engagement or wedding rings.  People often choose their two names, or the date of their wedding, or a simple message like ‘I love you’ or ‘together forever’.

However, you can get more elaborate than that.

Several of our rings now have hidden diamonds, which can only be seen from the side, or are tucked away, so that only you know they are there.  Evangeline is a nice example of this, with six diamonds set within the shoulders of the ring.

Side view of an intricately ornate design dual metal solitaire engagement ring.

Of course, if you’re designing a bespoke ring, you can hide or reveal as much as you like!  In a Customer Stories blog that we’ve just completed, Derek and Helen asked us to create wedding rings that had a hidden band of rose gold inside, which is charming.

Unique Two Tone Wedding Bands White And Rose Gold - Ethica Diamonds

Two Tone Wedding Bands In White And Rose Gold


We offer a bespoke service, so that you can work with our in-house jewellery designer/makers to create a ring or ring-set that is unique to you. The only limit is your imagination!

There have been some very stylish bespoke rings created for our customers lately, check out our gallery on our bespoke page for more inspiration.


Twisted Vine Marquise Engagement Ring | Ethica Diamonds UK

Our Bespoke Zelmera In Stock


We have a couple of stacked rings, but we’d love to work with you to create a ring-set that includes a wedding ring and eternity band shaped around a pear-cut engagement ring, for example.  We can also provide lab-grown gems, such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies, if that happens to be what you’re looking for. There are so many beautiful ideas out there, and we look forward to realising your engagement ring dreams in 2019.

Edwardian Inspired Ethical Diamond Sapphire Ring

Lab Grown Diamond And Sapphire Ring


The final trend is something we mentioned last year, and isn’t going to go away any time soon – environmental awareness.  More and more people are realising that climate change, environmental destruction, human-kind’s responsibility to future generations to look after our planet, are real, as is the unhappy exploitation of people in order to gratify the needs of other people for low-price or hard-to-come-by items.

Here at Ethica Diamonds, we are firm believers in ethical, environmentally friendly practices.  This is why all our diamonds are created in a lab, with no environmental damage, no human rights abuses and exploitation, and no unethical practices of any kind. If you want to find out more about the mined diamond industry, there is plenty of information on our website, and it really is as bad as they say – even now.

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