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Andrew had been dating Faye for over five years when he finally popped the question, and she had begun to wonder if he was ever going to get round to it.  But Andrew was a man with a plan…

Andrew describes himself as a conscientious individual, and the thought of Ethica Diamonds’  ‘kind not mined’ ethos, and the Ethica Diamond, appealed to him.  He’d been searching for an engagement ring for some time, and when he came across our website, realised that he’d not find anything that was ‘as beautiful and perfect, within my budget’, which sealed the decision for him.  Describing both the ring and the lab-grown stone as ‘the most beautiful they could be’, he was delighted with his final choice.  It’s a very classy solitaire design, with a cross-over setting, and open shoulders, showing off the central stone perfectly.

Buying the ring during the hayfever season meant that his conversations with us were punctuated by hefty sneezes, but we got there!

One of Andrew and Faye’s earliest dates involved taking Faye’s two children to a nearby wildlife park, and they have visited regularly over the years. It retains a special place in their hearts, especially for Andrew, being the first place that he felt he could be part of the family.  It was clear to him that this was the place to propose, so they took a trip there on New Year’s Eve, with the ring burning a hole in his pocket.

From the platform above the penguin enclosure, surrounded by happy, bouncing penguins, Andrew got down on one knee, proposing to an astonished Faye.  Andrew says she was taken completely by surprise, ‘astounded by how sparkly and perfect it was, and completely dumbfounded that I had managed to source something that beautiful for her.’

Nice one Andrew!

It turns out that Faye’s best friend had given Andrew the wrong advice regarding ring sizing, so after the ring had been presented and admired, it needed to be sent back for re-sizing.  However, with a little magic and friends in the postal service, it was returned in time to wear on a special holiday for Andrew’s 30th birthday.

We wish Andrew, Faye and the girls all the very best in their lives together!

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