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Diane and Alan recently got engaged, and have been invited to share their story on the Ethica Diamonds blog, because we all like romantic stories! This is the first is a long and hopefully happy series of Customer Stories – and please do get in touch if you’re happy for us to share yours…

Diane and Alan
Alan and Diane had been talking about becoming engaged for a while, and Alan knew that Diane had specific requirements regarding an engagement ring – she even admits to being fussy!  Being a sensible man, he opted to choose the ring together with his fiancée, rather than surprising her.

Diane is a research scientist, and often spends time in the lab, wearing protective nitrile gloves.  She wanted a ring that she could wear at work, and enjoy all the time, rather than having to remove it to avoid snagging gloves on the mounts for the stone, or simply being unable to fit the ring inside the glove.

A further factor was that, as a scientist, Diane is well aware of the damage that we, as humans, do to our planet.  She wanted to choose a ring which minimised that impact, and was very reluctant to choose a mined diamond.  She says she’d have opted for another stone altogether, had she not found our Ethica Diamond on our website.

Having chosen the stone she wanted, Diane was delighted to spot our Beatrix ring, which holds a solitaire stone within a very stylish rub-over setting.  Just right to fit inside her gloves, the setting showcases the stone without any additional metalwork, and is simply stunning. Diane chose a platinum setting, but it’s also available in white, rose or regular gold.  Looking at the cost-saving over an equivalent mined diamond, Diane says there was no contest, and she is thrilled with her beautiful ring.

Alan proposed on Christmas Day, and, of course, Diane said ‘yes’.

We wish them many happy years together!

An outstanding statement piece, Beatrix is ideal for those who love a bigger band and are searching for something particularly striking.

We no longer offer the Beatrix ring, however, we have the Odessa ring which may be a similarly lovely option.

Princess Lab Created Diamond Ring - Odessa - Ethica Diamonds Cornwall UK 

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