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Image Usage Policy

This section outlines our Image Usage policy. Please ensure you’ve read and understood this before accepting our request to use your content.

We love seeing your Ethica moments on social media, and we love sharing them to inspire others, too. So, if we see an image we like, we may request to use this across our channels.

Please tag us in your photo on Instagram, Facebook and tag @kindnotmined and #ethicadiamonds to alert us of your post. Your profile must be set to public so that we can see your image.

If your image is chosen, you will receive a comment on your post from Ethica Diamonds’ account, asking for permission to repost your image. Please reply with #YesEthicadiamonds to give your permission for us to use your image.

By replying to this comment, you give your full permission and agree to the terms & conditions stated in this policy. You give full permission to use your image and your social media account name, which will be displayed alongside your photo.

You will retain legal ownership of any rights to this image and information (including copyright) in any photo. However, by replying #YesEthicadiamonds you grant Ethica Diamonds a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, assignable, sub-licensable license to use this photo as detailed below.

How Will Ethica Diamonds Use Your Images?

Marketing channels

We may use your photo across Ethica Diamonds marketing channels, including but not limited to: social media, emails, Ethica blog, press, advertising, direct mailings, brochures.

Ethica Diamonds website

We may use your photo on Ethica Diamonds website, including but not limited to: product pages, editorial content, landing pages, homepage.

By replying #YesEthicadiamonds you also warrant that 1) you are over 18 years of age and 2) you own all rights (including copyright) in the photo uploaded, or if the photo is subject to third party rights, you have all required licences, rights, consents and/or permissions to publish the photo. To the extent permitted by law, you also agree to waive any moral rights you may own in relation to any photos uploaded.

Ethica Diamonds may use, edit, alter, reproduce, translate or publish any photo uploaded at Ethica Diamonds’ sole discretion. This includes adding the Ethica Diamonds logo where applicable.

If you change your mind and you no longer want Ethica Diamonds to use your image, please email us at [email protected]

Image Content Guidelines

All uploaded photos are moderated by Ethica Diamonds. We will not select images that contain any of the following content:

  1. Copyrighted and/or Trademarked Material; content that contains any third party content such as trademarks, logos, company names, insignia, photographs, or works of art, photos and/or videos of TV or film scenes.
  2. Abusive imagery or comments; any images that could be reasonably considered as harmful, threatening, or violent, harassing, abusive, offensive, hateful, inflammatory, discriminatory, profane, or bullying.
  3. Private and Confidential; do not upload anything that would be considered confidential or that would allude to an individual.
  4. Advertising; do not advertise or promote your own or third parties’ goods or services in any photos
    Complaints regarding images used

If you believe an image used on our webpage or social is offensive or violating someone’s legal rights, then you can report the image to [email protected].

We reserve the right to remove the images from our Instagram, Facebook, website or marketing materials at any time, for any reason.

Third Party Sites

Please note that Ethica Diamonds is unable to, nor is responsible for, the removal of any photos shared or posted by third parties which are not under Ethica Diamonds control. If you wish to report a photo shared on a third-party site, you should contact them directly.


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