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A banner showing a couples proposal on a clifftop.

Finding love through lockdown, James and Ffion met on an online dating site and hit it off straight away. However their relationship was fast forwarded thanks to a global pandemic turning life upside down and similarly to a lot of couples, James and Ffion found themselves living together in isolation. The lockdown proved to be a testing time for even the strongest of couples, being stuck in close proximity of each other for 24 hours a day is no walk in the park. But for James and Ffion it was a blessing, their relationship thrived and it only confirmed their feelings for one another. It was during this time that James realised Ffion was the one and he decided he wanted to take their relationship to the next level. After knowing each other for just a year, James decided he wanted to ask Ffion to marry him.
James is down on one knee presenting Ffion with a ring box. They are standing on a clifftop overlooking Kynance Cove Bech.

Kynance Cove Cornish Proposal | James and Ffion | Ethica Diamonds

With Cornwall being the place where the couple fell in love and lived together, it was important to keep the proposal local (and there’s no better backdrop to such a romantic moment than the stunning Cornish coast). When looking for a ring James knew he wanted to buy from somewhere close by and came across Ethica Diamonds through a quick google search! With us being a small Cornish company and his ring ideas and ethics aligning with ours perfectly, we we’re delighted to help James choose the perfect ring. After some careful consideration, he went for the gorgeous Sidonie solitaire ring, set in platinum with a beautiful 0.63 ct Ethica Diamond. With an affinity of the Ocean, Sidonie has a nautical vibe and contemporary style, which elongates the finger and flatters the hand beautifully. It was the perfect choice for a Cornish engagement, especially when paired with a pair of gorgeous pasty cufflinks!
The Ethica Diamond ring Sidonie is pictured in a grey ring box with two cuff link pasties, one in a silver and one in a bronze coloured metal. The ring box is pictured on some grass.

Kynance Cove Cornish Proposal | James and Ffion | Ethica Diamonds

As for the proposal itself, James had big plans! He planned to pop the question at Kynance Cove, a famously beautiful Cornish beach on the Lizard Peninsula with a dramatic landscape of cliffs and ocean. But he wasn’t going to just give Ffion the ring, she had to find it! Using an app called Geocaching James set up the most important treasure hunt of Ffion’s life. He hid the ring (and the pasties) in the box at the very top of Kynance Cove and set the specific co-ordiantes as a Geo Site for Ffion to set off and find. We can only imagine how they we’re both feeling when she reached the finishing point and discovered her own personal piece of treasure and James down on one knee! To James’s delight, she said ‘yes!’ and they described the day to us as ‘amazing!’
An illustration by Sophie Sketches of Kynance Cove with the beach to taking up the right side of the image and the left showing a couple. The man is to the right kneeling down and presenting a ring box to a lady standing to the right dressed in black.

Kynance Cove Cornish Proposal | James and Ffion | Ethica Diamonds

Staying true to their fast paced romance, James and Ffion have already begun wedding planning and have told us they have some lovely ideas. If their epic proposal is anything to go by we have no doubt that the wedding will be absolutely mesmerising and we can’t wait to see the photos! We are so happy to have been able to help this gorgeous couple continue their love story and be apart of such a special moment in their lives. We’re delighted that James reported back to us saying his shopping experience was enjoyable, easy and personal which is all we ever strive for. It’s heartwarming to hear that even through the worst of times, love will still blossom and that a global pandemic can actually form the most unbreakable bonds, as proven by James and Ffion. We would like to congratulate them on their engagement and wish them a lifetime of happiness (and pasties!).

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