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We here at Ethica Diamonds love to hear your engagement stories, especially when they involve one of our beautiful stones. We were delighted, therefore, when one of our customers Matt, got in touch with his story.

Taking great care to choose the perfect ring, Matt searched high and low before making the final decision, “the engagement ring is the symbol of love … it’s one of the purest, most divine things in the world.”

It was important for Matt that he proposed with an ethically sourced diamond, but after researching other retailers online, Matt was left with more questions than answers.

Ultimately, he decided that the Kimberley Process wasn’t going to be enough to ensure a blood free diamond. Eager for an alternative, his search took him as far as Canada and Australia before stumbling upon Ethica Diamonds. He says, “Eventually through all my searching I came upon Ethica Diamonds, and after reading their website I felt I had a better understanding of what exactly the ring needed to be.”

Diamond engagement proposal

Matt and Rebecca’s engagement

After settling on a jeweller, Matt was then faced with choosing the all-important ring. Fortunately, his time spent researching had produced a number of design ideas which would ultimately inform the design of his bespoke ring. He explains, “I talked to Elaine about a bespoke ring design. She helped me along the whole process and the resulting ring was not only something that embodied the ideals of marriage, but had a story behind it as unique as the ring itself.”

On to the proposal itself, which Matt had already spent two months planning with painstaking dedication. Taking a steam train to Bodiam to the annual hop festival, unbeknownst to Beccy, they went up to the top of a tower in the castle for the main event: “I had planned in my mind beforehand to pop the question here, but when the time came it dawned on me – how do I start this? Eventually Beccy asked if we should head back down, time was up! So I said ‘there’s just one more thing … you know I love you right?’ And as I dropped down on to one knee, ‘Will you marry me?’”


Although she had suspicions, Beccy was taken totally by surprise and (of course) said yes. Aware of a round of applause, the happy couple had a small audience and the proposal turned into an impromptu photo shoot, saving the memory forever.

Matt and Beccy are aiming for a Spring 2018 wedding, everyone at Ethica Diamonds wishes them the best of luck in their future together.

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