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One of the features on our new website is the ability to sort by shape of stone.  We’ve only recently introduced these different cuts of stones, so we’re excited to see which will be the most popular shapes, and in which settings.

Here’s a quick guide to discovering which shape of stone will be the best for your hand (or the hand of the person who will be wearing it!) We’ll take them in alphabetical order, and give pros and cons for each shape, along with pictures of the stones set into rings, so you can see what they look like.  All of these stones are a great way to choose something ‘a little bit different’, and to make something uniquely yours.


The Emerald cut is essentially a rectangle, with a stepped cut and a flat centre.  This is a cut that was popular in the 1930s, so Art Deco and Tiffany designs are popular, but it suits any clean-cut style.

Pro – cheaper than a round brilliant cut of the same carat, because it is flatter, can be worn horizontal or vertical, to give length to short fingers, or flatter a wider hand.

Con – a rounder design might suit a square-shaped hand better.

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Our Emerald Cut Ethica Diamond


For the truly romantic proposal, or a gift to declare your love (Mother’s Day is in March…), the heart cut diamond is unbeatable.

Pro – ‘romance’ is written all over it.

Con – only very subtle difference from the pear cut, can look ‘upside down’.

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Our Heart Cut Ethica Diamond


A very modern and chic style, the Marquise diamond is long, and diamond-shaped. It can be worn horizontally or vertically, giving quite a different effect between the two choices.

Pro – worn across the ring can add length, and parallel with the band is good for wider fingers.

Con – watch out for the points, which can catch on things. A well-set stone should have protection around the points, to protect the gem.

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Our Marquise Cut Ethica Diamond


The opulent Oval cut diamond somehow seems more luxurious than a round brilliant cut stone, and is popular with flowing or organic settings, as well as modern ones.  A great choice to emphasise long elegant fingers, or give length to short ones, when worn along the length of the finger, or to flatter wider fingers if worn across the hand.

Pro – versatile and magnificent.

Con – choose carefully to get the size and layout right.

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Our Oval Cut Man-Made Diamond


The pear or teardrop shape diamond is a cut that has come back into fashion recently.  It resembles a drop of rain suspended from a fine necklace or earrings, and in a ring it’s lush.

Pro – stylish and a good choice to elongate short fingers.

Con – make sure you don’t catch the point, can look ‘upside down’.

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Our Pear Cut Man-Made Diamond


The Princess cut diamond is the new favourite cut at the moment, according to the media.  A square, cut to maximise the sparkle, the Princess cut is ideally suited to multi-stone settings, and crisp modern designs.

Pro – stylish and modern, with sparkles for miles, and cheaper than an equivalent carat round brilliant stone.

Con – the best settings have protection around the corners, which are prone to chipping.

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Our Princess Cut Ethica Diamond

Round Brilliant

We couldn’t forget the round brilliant diamond, the most popular out of our diamond cuts! Cut to the superb ‘hearts and arrows’ specification, a repeating pattern of beautifully cut facets for maximum sparkle, the round brilliant is available in most of the styles we carry. Perfect in modern and vintage designs, it will suit any shape of hand, and be beloved forever.

Pro – versatile and classy, the ultimate in sparkle – a favourite for a reason.

Con – if you want something a bit different, you may need to look elsewhere!

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Our Round Brilliant Cut Ethica Diamond



With technology advancing further, it is becoming easier to produce a wider range of diamond cuts, with the added benefits of being more cost effective and environmentally friendly for the ethically minded consumer. Read more about our range of Man-Made diamonds here:

Ethical, Award Winning Diamond Alternative


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