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Nika is our new favourite customer – an independent lady who has bought herself an Ethica Diamond ring from our new range, just because she wanted it.

Nika is Slovenian, and describes herself as a multi-tasker, and a coffee addict.  She is a passionate vegan, with a drive to introduce others to the joys of vegan cuisine.  She and her partner Boban run a website with vegan recipes, and open their home as a pop-up vegan restaurant twice a week. And this is in her ‘spare time’!

According to her business cards, Nika is a project and event manager, together with Boban organising the four biggest music festivals in Slovenia, and photographing them as well.  She says she’s an amateur, but her pics are very good.

Nika loves nature, often walking her dog in the woods near her home, and is knowledgeable about sustainability and environmental protection, so nothing as damaging as a mined diamond was ever going to end up in her home.  Just not happening!

However, she came across Ethica Diamonds online, and really liked our designs, as well as the ethos, and eco-friendly backbone to our business.  And THEN she saw the new lab-grown stone range, and fell in love.BUYING A RING FOR HERSELF

She was able to picture how the vintage pave ring would look on her hand, and that was it.  She knew immediately that it would suit her, and now that she has it, she says ‘and it does, I love it!’

BUYING A RING FOR HERSELFA woman buying a ring for herself just because she wants to is unusual, although becoming less so.  This society often views big-ticket items as something that should be given as gifts, and diamonds rings in particular as a gift from a man to a woman, to mark the promise to marry.

But why shouldn’t a woman buy herself a ring?  Why must a diamond ring be given by a man to a woman? So come on ladies, there’s no reason to wait for a guy to buy you the stones that have caught your eye, really, is there?

Nika's cats approve of our packaging!

Nika’s cats approve of our packaging!

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