The story of our Lab-Grown Diamonds

Our Kind, not Mined Diamonds grow above Earth, in
laboratories that are mimicking the natural growing process
of a mined diamond, and are the first diamonds in the world to be grown using renewable energy.

Just a Diamond minus the mining.

No animals harmed.

No animals harmed.

No groundwater polluted

No groundwater polluted.

No land displaced.

No land displaced.

No wildlife displaced.

No conflicts funded.

No conflicts funded.

No local communities displaced.

Carbon Zero Diamonds.

Our lab grown diamonds have the same physical, atomic and elemental properties as mined diamonds and possess some of nature’s own fingerprints. But there’s a fundamental difference — they are truly ethical.
These diamonds represent an alignment between raw beauty & social/environmental sustainability, making them the most beautiful diamonds on Earth that you’ll be proud to wear.

Diamond Foundry.

Meet Our Diamond Supplier

We partnered with San Francisco-based
Diamond Foundry.

Backed by Leonardo Di Caprio, their diamonds have
impeccable provenance and no human or
environmental toll.

Utilizing renewable energy, Diamond Foundry is the
world’s first and only certified carbon neutral
diamond producer.

They are the world’s only net zero-carbon-footprint producer of diamonds — and certified so. Each stone is unique based on the seed it was grown from and provides a beautiful diamond option without the human and environmental toll of mining.
Their advanced technology notably uses less energy than industrial mining requires to extract diamonds from underground. And the energy they use is good energy — renewable hydropower energy.

Diamonds on hand


Carbon Neutral

We strive to work with partners in our industry that share the same values as we do. We believe transparency in a supply chain is the key to a sustainable future, a future where one day, we will be able to see the story of every stone.

We source our diamonds from the World’s First certified 100% Carbon-Neutral Diamond Producer, Diamond Foundry.

Their diamonds are sustainably grown aboveground in America’s beautiful Pacific West, 100% hydropowered by Washington State’s
Columbia River.

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World Positive

There are many reasons why lab-grown diamonds are a better option than those mined from the Earth. Lab-grown diamonds are just as real as mined diamonds, but they do much less harm on our planet, being environmentally friendly, fully traceable, non-conflict-financed, produced under controlled working conditions, and more affordable. At Ethica, we don’t see the point in destroying our nature by extracting something from underground that today’s modern technology can create above ground to even better quality.

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'In a growing global diamond market, the future looks sparkling for Diamond Foundry's above-ground stones'

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I'm proud to invest in Diamond Foundry Inc. - sustainably growing diamonds in America without the human and environmental toll of mining.

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The Growing Process

Lab-grown diamonds grow inside a lab using high end technology that replicates the natural diamond growing process.

The process starts by cutting a small piece of pre-existing diamonds, a “seed”, which is then placed in a sealed chamber heated up to temperatures as high as the sun’s outer layer; growing the diamond atom by atom until a rough diamond is formed, identical to what comes out from a mine. It takes approximately 6 to 12 weeks to grow a diamond.

YESConflict FreeNO
10Hardness (MOHS)10
100SP3 Carbon Bonds100
£££Resale Value££££
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Pure Provenance & Cartel Free

While mined diamonds generally pass through several owners with an origin impossible to trace, above ground diamonds have transparent provenance. The diamonds we use are 100% traceable and guaranteed to be cartel-free.

Doing things well is both choice and a duty, and we’re doing our best not to deviate from it. For us, the quality must be exceptional, but never at the expense of our environmental and ethical principles. Therefore, we use sustainable materials and partner with factories committed to exceptional craftsmanship and ethical methods. We actively work toward reducing the footprint we leave behind in order to be as sustainable as possible.

We partner with businesses that help make our beautiful branded packaging from materials that are compostable, reusable and recyclable and therefore as eco friendly as possible, not tarnished with excessive amounts of non recyclable plastic.

Ethica Diamonds Jewellery Box


At Diamond Foundry, they are empowering a carefully selected group of GIA Gemologists, trained and certified to be diamond graders, with their data and technical advantage to create accurate diamond grades for their diamonds. They then back this up with a full legal guarantee, a full warranty. The result is a GIA Gemologist Grading Report Warranted by Diamond Foundry — the best of all world’s for our customers.

Elaine & Emily | Our Founders

A message from our founders

“Ethica Diamonds work only with companies who share our ethical ethos to create beautiful, meaningful jewellery that never compromises social or environmental concerns.

From the outset, we wanted to create a fine jewellery and commitment-led offering that is more in line with the core values of love and marriage that bring sustainability and transparency to jewellery that signify some of life’s most important moments.”

We hope you’ll join us.

Elaine & Emily