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Bringing you vintage yet modern luxury and elegance. Exquisite Asscher cut lab diamond engagement rings are a truly sophisticated symbol of your love. Asscher diamonds feature large step cut facets, producing optical properties that appear like a ‘hall of mirrors’. With its signature clipped corners, Asscher diamonds are sometimes referred to as octagonal, or square Emerald cuts. The squared nature of the ring means the four lines of symmetry and diagonal corner facets draw the eye to the centre of the stone, making it an enchanting and unique diamond shape.


Asscher Cut diamond rings are timeless and elegant thanks to their rich history in the Art Deco movement and this cut dates back to the early 20th century when jeweller and diamond cutter, Joseph Asscher, developed the design in his Amsterdam atelier. The cut was patented until WWII This new design coincided with the birth of the Art Deco movement. Perhaps one of the most famous diamonds of all time, worn by Elizabeth Taylor, was a jaw-dropping 33.19 carat Asscher called the “Krupp Diamond.”Also known as Square Cut Emeralds, the Asscher Cut diamond is a more unusual diamond cut. This cut features a square shape with a flat table (top surface), many small step cuts along the top edges and longer facets underneath.
Like the Cushion Cut, the Asscher Cut has an open culet (the bottom of the gemstone) and a facet plan that draws the eye into the gemstone and gives it depth. This is a highly unusual design, often favoured by those with a more with a vintage taste and a love of symmetry.
The perfect length:width ratio for an Asscher is between 1-1.04, for maximum light play and refractivity and standard Asscher Cut diamonds have 50-58 facets with cut corners, allowing light into the diamond and creating a Hall of Mirrors effect.
In addition to Square Emerald Cut, the Asscher Cut is also known as a Step-Cut, due to the longer facets which give it a staircase appearance, and it flashes long lines of sparkle, instead of the typical all-over sparkle.
We also have the option to purchase a loose Asscher Cut Ethica Diamond or sustainably grown Asscher Cut lab grown diamond.