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Cushion Lab Diamond Rings
Cushion Cut diamond rings are soft and romantic with a vintage feel. Cushion diamonds feature a similar square silhouette to the Princess Cut diamond, but has rounded corners, making it more durable than diamond cuts with sharp edges. Sometimes referred to as a Pillow Cut, it has an open culet (the bottom point of the stone) – the result is a deep, luxurious diamond with a romantic effect and dazzling sparkle; in fact, a Cushion Cut diamond is one of the most sparkly diamond cuts.

Cushion Cut diamonds can come in a variety of length to width ratios, with some being perfectly square, whilst others can be more rectangular and elongated. For the best brilliance, make sure you select one with a depth of under 70% and a table of under 70%.

Ever since the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, we receive a lot of questions about the main stone in Meghan’s ring. It’s a stunning Cushion Cut diamond. This is is a square diamond shape with rounded corners and 61 facets. This cut reflects the light in a chunkier way than for example a Round Brilliant. This is what we call ‘the crushed ice effect’. The subtle crushed ice sparkle was very popular around the 1920s. That’s also why cushion-shaped diamonds can be fully appreciated in a vintage setting.

The Cushion cut was originally designed to be viewed by candlelight (hence the name Candlelight Diamond), and maintained enormous popularity for over 70 years during the Victorian period and is a modern interpretation of Princess. Even today, the vintage setting is the most beloved ring style for Cushion Cut diamonds. The development of this cut dates way back to almost 200 years old. The name, however, is quite modern. In the past, they called this shape the ‘Mine Cut’, a square diamond with rounded corners. The Cushion Cut is one of the most brilliant cuts of all square and rectangular shaped stones, and makes a wonderful choice when looking for a classic shape that is a little more unique.

We have a collection of Cushion engagement rings, as listed below, as well as the option to purchase a loose Cushion Cut Ethica Diamond, a loose Cushion Cut lab grown diamond, as well as earrings and pendants set with this romantic cut stone.