Emerald Radiant Lab Diamond Rings

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Emerald Radiant Cut diamond rings are brilliantly sparkly and often described as the best of both worlds. If you’re looking for a more sparkly version of the classic Emerald diamond cut, the Emerald Radiant cut diamond for your engagement ring is a brilliant choice. This cut is perfect for those who are seeking the breathtaking combination of the rectangular shape with the sparkle of a Round Brilliant cut diamond.

A relatively new diamond shape, the Radiant cut was designed by Henry Grossbard in the late 1970s. He created a cutting technique that combined the best elements of Emerald and round diamond shapes–allowing Radiant diamonds to exhibit incredible brilliance and fire. The Radiant is also the first cut to have a brilliant-facet pattern applied to both the crown & pavilion which makes it exhibit fierce shine with much more brilliance and sparkle.

Its quadrilateral form and 70 brilliant facets also make it similar to the Princess design, but its rectangular shape and blocked corners again emulate the Emerald figure, hence why the settings for classic Emerald and Emerald Radiants are the same. It is stunningly dramatic as a solitaire, but also compliments arrangements with side stones such as Baguettes, Trillions, or Round Brilliant shapes.

If you love the rectangular shape but want a more understated style, then you may want to consider the classic Emerald cut instead; the classic Emerald Cut has the same shape but a different facet pattern with a “hall and mirrors” facet pattern instead.

Emerald diamonds are a brilliant choice if you want the biggest looking diamond ring for your budget, since they are one of the more shallow cuts. This means that they have a greater surface area for the same carat weight when compared to other shapes such as Round Brilliant, for example.

Emerald Radiant Cut moissanite and lab diamonds are also better value for money since the demand is not as high for them compared to other shapes. Furthermore, there is a much larger yield of finished product since less rough diamond is wasted during the cutting and polishing process. These combined factors mean that an Emerald Radiant Cut diamond can be up to 40% cheaper than other shapes. If you need any help choosing an Emerald Radiant Cut lab diamond for your ring, get in touch with our team at Ethica and we will be very happy to advise you.

We have a collection of Emerald Radiant diamond engagement rings, as listed below, as well as the option to purchase a loose Emerald Radiant Cut Ethica Diamond or a loose Emerald Radiant Cut lab grown diamond.