Oval Lab Diamond Rings

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Beautiful Oval Cut Lab Diamonds


Oval lab diamond engagement rings are flattering on the hand and create a gentle elongating effect for which elliptical gemstones are treasured, making a woman’s finger seem longer and more slender. Our stunning oval-shaped engagement rings are heirloom jewellery pieces that say ‘I love you’.



Despite being popular for centuries, the deeply fascinating Oval diamond is a cut that has been perfected actually relatively recently by a jeweller at Lazare Kaplan Inc. in 1957. They are cut in a similar pattern to Round Brilliant diamonds, with smooth angles which results in a brilliance that is nearly as bright and perfect as a round brilliant gemstone, but with a larger surface area.

If you love sparkle, a lab grown Oval diamond is one of the most impressive choice of shapes when it comes to brilliance and fire, as it is one of the brightest diamond cuts available. Loved by the likes of Blake Lively, Kourtney Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Haley Bieber to name a few, there’s a reason why the Oval Cut diamond is so popular for engagement rings amongst the A-List celebrities. The round nature of the shape means that there are no harsh corners (which can be prone to chipping), making it the perfect diamond shape if you want the large carat weight.

Choosing the perfect Oval lab diamond for your engagement ring is slightly more difficult than selecting a Round Brilliant Cut diamond, for example, since the certification does not give any indication for how the stone will sparkle.

Sure, the certificate gives you the grades for the colour and clarity, but how the diamond actually looks is not indicated on the certificate, since Oval Cut diamonds are not given a cut grade. This is because standard cut parameters are unachievable due to the complex and unique structure of the Oval Cut; there is no ideal table % or depth %.  One of the main things to look for is a subtle bowtie, not a prominent one. You need to ensure that you can view a video of an Oval diamond and ideally get it reviewed by an expert before you buy. At Ethica, we are very happy to take a look at the cut quality of the Oval diamond and advise you accordingly; just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

We can also help you create your own bespoke piece of jewellery that your future fiance will treasure.