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Beautiful Pear Cut Lab Diamonds


The Pear cut shape in diamond rings has often been a favourite of royalty and is also known as the “Teardrop Diamond”, or “Teardrops of Joy Diamond”.  The deep, mesmerising Pear cut is a combination of the rich fullness of the Round Brilliant and the sparkling intensity of the Marquise.


In 1475, a Flemish cutter by the name of Lodewyk van Bercken invented a diamond-polishing wheel called a scaif. The scaif transformed the diamond trade. His innovative polishing wheel enabled Van Bercken to place facets into the diamond with absolute symmetry, and opened the doors to the creation of complex diamond cuts.

At the same year Lodewyk van Bercken invented the world’s first Pear Shaped Diamond.

Though traditionally used in pendants and drop earrings, Pear Cut diamond rings are also eye-catching.  It’s a unique, beautiful cut that looks especially good in a halo setting and is known to have a slenderising effect on fingers due to its tapered end. Ideally, a Pear Cut diamond should have excellent symmetry and a length:width ratio that falls somewhere between 1.5-1.75, for an elegant, elongated Pear. This is, however, down to personal preference of the wearer.

Choosing the perfect Pear lab diamond for your engagement ring is slightly more difficult than selecting a Round Brilliant Cut diamond, for example, since the certification does not give any indication for how the stone will sparkle. The certificate gives you the grades for the colour and clarity, but how the diamond actually looks is not indicated on the certificate, since fancy cut diamonds such as Pears are not given a cut grade. This is because standard cut parameters are unachievable due to the complex and unique structure of the Pear Cut; there is no ideal table % or depth %.
One of the main things to look for is a bowtie, or rather a lack of one. Bowtie’s are bad news! Also, ensuring that the shape of the Pear is not too curved and not too pointy.
You need to ensure that you can view a video of the Pear diamond and ideally get it reviewed by an expert before you buy. At Ethica, we are very happy to take a look at the cut quality of the Pear diamond and advise you accordingly; just get in touch and we will be happy to help.