Modern Engagement Rings

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Lab Diamond Modern Rings that are always glamorous


Modern engagement rings with contemporary design flair from simple and elegant to something with a little bit of extra sparkle. There’s an Ethica Diamonds modern engagement ring to fit every future fiance. Show sophisticated style at work and play with our modern lab diamond rings.

Ethica Diamonds uses dazzling lab-grown diamonds, grown using renewable energy. Our rings are kind, not mined.


Elegantly sparkling lab diamond engagement rings have a magic that will make you feel like a million dollars any day of the week. Drawing inspiration from the whimsical beauty of nature, with shapes in perfect proportions to flatter the hand and look effortlessly elegant.

Ethically made jewellery that’s swoon-worthy. Our modern silver and gold rings are made with 100% recycled and fully accredited precious materials.

Our Diamonds are sourced from growers who use renewable energy and work to offset their carbon emissions. Rest assured, we take care of the details, so you can focus on popping that all-important question.

Perfect for souls with a contemporary sense of style.  These pieces are expertly crafted, elegant and eye-catching.

Fallen in love with a modern engagement ring but want to upcycle a stone you already own? We can create your own bespoke piece of jewellery that your future fiance will treasure.