Multi Stone Ethica Diamond Engagement Rings

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Because sometimes one stone just isn’t enough! We have a huge selection of multi stone diamond rings, ranging from two stones to seven, perfect for those who want extra sparkle.

Two stone rings have been making somewhat of a comeback thanks to many celebrities wearing such designs – think Ariana Grande or Megan Fox. Many believe that the two stone rings date back to 1776 when Napoleon proposed to his first wife, Josephine, with a ‘toi et moi’  two stone ring comprising of two pear cut stones – one sapphire and one diamond.

One of the lovely benefits of a multi-stone ring is that you can also mix the different shapes. This is particularly popular within the ‘toi et moi’ rings. Many often mix round brilliant diamonds or gemstones with a pear cut or emerald cut stone. A modern take on a relatively historic design. 

Three stone engagement rings (also known as a trilogy or trinity ring) are beautiful but also have a lovely meaning behind them. The three stones are believed to represent the past, present and future of a relationship, symbolising eternal love. De Beers marketed trilogy rings in this way which lead to three stone rings making the perfect gift for anniversaries.

Some people choose to have all three stones the same carat size for a more classic look, whilst some like to mix the different carat weights for a more modern take on this design. If that is the case we recommend designs where the centre stone is slightly larger and the stone each side is smaller. 

Here are some of our most popular multi-stone designs.

Reverie, Elysia, Tessa and Nancy

Can’t find one you like? We offer a fully bespoke service which allows you to create your dream ring.