Solitaire Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

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Solitaire engagement rings are one of the most classic ring styles of them all due to their simplicity and beauty. Originating from the latin word ‘solus’ meaning ‘alone’ or sole’, solitaire rings feature just one single diamond or gemstone.

Here at Ethica Diamonds, around 60% of the total engagement rings we sell each year are solitaire. The style has been around for centuries and loved by most so it means the likelihood of them going out of fashion is very slim. They also make a great option for those partners seeking an engagement ring for a loved one if they don’t know the preferred style.

Because solitaire engagement rings feature only one stone, solitaires are a great style for showing off unique or larger gemstones and diamonds. 

Having a solitaire engagement ring needn’t be boring. There are still plenty of options enabling you to have a unique piece of jewellery. It could be the setting – bezel set or basket? Prong setting? And if so how many prongs – 4, 6 or 8?

It could be the colour – do you want a standard diamond colour between L and F or do you want a fully coloured stone, perhaps a birthstone. 

And potentially the most important choice – the shape! Solitaire rings are available in a variety of different shapes from oval to emerald or cushion to princess, however rounds are often the most requested.

Here are some of our most popular solitaire lab-grown diamond rings.

Lucille, Cyra, Poppy