Stackable Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

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Wedding ring friendly engagement rings can be paired easily with many standard wedding bands and are also known as a stackable or wed- fit ring.

If you purchase a wedding ring friendly engagement ring it means that on your special day not only will you and your partner become the perfect pair, but so will your jewellery!



Some people particularly want to know that their choice of engagement ring can be easily matched with most standard weddings bands. Therefore, we have selected rings from our collection that all have a specific shank design that will ensure a snug fit with a wedding band.  

Many of these selected rings have custom wedding bands that will perfectly match with your engagement ring, including the width and depth when worn together. Some of these lovely styles include Lia,  Kalika,  Nouveau and Nadia.

Other selected styles can be paired with most standard wedding bands.

What you need to bear in mind is that choosing most standard wedding band does not necessarily mean that you will get the perfect match in terms of the depth and width of the wedding band when compared closely with the engagement ring. However, most people are not concerned by this and just like the fact that there is no visible gap between the rings when they are worn together.

We also offer a matching band bespoke package if you wanted to design your own wedding band that is unique to you. This package allows you to have a bespoke wedding band made to match the exact proportions and specifications of your existing ring.

All of our rings are available set with a choice of a lab grown diamond utilising renewable energy or our signature gemstone, the Ethica Diamond.