0.90ct | Amber | Oval Accented Engagement Ring


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Classic simplicity defines the delicate Amber setting. The thin precious metal band gently tapers towards a mixture of round brilliant and baguette lab diamonds, which are symmetrically nestled either side of the 0.75ct* oval diamond, adding extra sparkle at every angle.

Dazzling accents adorn the band for a truly glamorous effect, which are laboratory grown diamonds E/F colour VS1 clarity and add an additional 0.15cts to the centre diamond.

* We will expertly select a 0.73-0.78ct oval lab diamond with an E colour, VS clarity and ideal cut, so you can rest assured that the diamond is as stunning as possible. The total carat weight will be approximately 0.90ct with the accented diamond melee.

Oval lab diamond engagement rings are flattering on the hand and appear larger than round diamonds. They create a gentle elongating effect for which elliptical gemstones are treasured, making a woman’s finger seem longer and more slender. If you love sparkle, a lab grown Oval diamond is one of the most impressive choice of shapes when it comes to brilliance and fire, as it is one of the brightest diamond cuts available.

We ensure the specifications of the diamond such as ratio, colour, cut and clarity are carefully considered, prioritising the budget in areas that will emphasise the beauty of the stone, resulting in a diamond that is truly outstanding. They will always be Type 2A, too – the purest diamonds available with no traces of nitrogen or boron impurities and the highest thermal conductivity. Or put simply – the crème de la crème of diamonds.