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This simple but classy engagement ring is made up of 5 round brilliant Ethica Diamonds, each held in place by 4 claws.

Please enquire if you’d like anymore information about Dani, or if you’d like your ring set with fully certified carbon-neutral lab grown diamonds, for an even more eco-friendly and sustainable option.

We don’t offer anything that is not in line with our core values as an ethical business, which is why you won’t find us selling any natural diamonds, and any gemstones we use are either lab grown or 100% assured to be ethically sourced. This way, you can trust that the stones we use are always the most ethical to be offered in the industry, it is our passion after all!

We have two stone options to set within our jewellery: Ethica Diamonds – fine lab grown stones which are independently graded or lab grown diamonds – diamonds grown using renewable energy, the only diamonds in the world to be grown in this way.

Ethica Diamonds mixed metal infographic