Delaynie (Pendant)


Everlasting Moon. Greek Origin

Looking to have this set with a lab grown diamond or coloured gemstone?

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Smooth and stylish, a round brilliant diamond in a bezel setting is always going to be elegant and timeless. Spectacularly sparkly and elegant in its simplicity, the Delaynie pendant is perfect for every day and glittery events alike, especially when paired with the Delaynie earrings.

Available in six carat weight options:
1 x 2.5mm (0.06ct)
1 x 3.0mm (0.10ct)
1 x 3.5mm (0.16ct)
1 x 4.0mm (0.25ct)
1 x 4.5mm (0.35ct)
1 x 5.0mm (0.50ct)

The Delaynie pendant is set as standard with Ethica Diamonds – fine lab grown stones, using patented technology and are independently graded.
Please enquire if you would rather have this pendant set with pure lab grown diamonds grown utilising renewable energy.
Although all Ethica Diamonds are made to the exact same specification, all stones under 0.35ct do not come with a certificate due to their size.

Picture shows Delaynie 0.35ct set in 18k Yellow Gold.