Gaia | Round & Oval Elegant Drop Earrings


Earth Goddess. Greek Origin

Looking to have this set with a lab grown diamond or coloured gemstone?

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The effortlessly elegant Gaia earrings are going to draw the eye wherever you go, with their opulence radiating with every movement. They have a round brilliant cut stone, in a three-claw setting, and a soft and feminine oval cut stone, suspended in a four-claw setting below. These gorgeous earrings are especially lovely when paired with the Gaia pendant.

Each pair of earrings are available set with:

2 x 6 x 4mm ovals (1.00ct) plus 2 x 4.0mm rounds (0.50ct) totalling 1.50ct
2 x 6 x 4mm ovals (1.00ct) plus 2 x 4.5mm rounds (0.70ct) totalling 1.70ct
2 x 7 x 5mm ovals (1.50ct) plus 2 x 5.0mm rounds (1.0ct) totalling 2.00ct
2 x 7 x 5mm ovals (1.50ct) plus 2 x 6.0mm rounds (1.50ct) totalling 3.00ct
2 x 7 x 5mm ovals (1.50ct) plus 2 x 6.5mm rounds (2.0ct) totalling 3.50ct

The Gaia earrings are set as standard with Ethica Diamonds – fine lab grown stones, using patented technology and are independently graded.
Please enquire if you would rather have these earrings set with pure lab grown diamonds grown utilising renewable energy.