Gaia (Pendant)


Earth Goddess. Latin Origin

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The effortlessly elegant Gaia pendant will draw the eye wherever you go, with opulence radiating with every movement. Featuring a round brilliant sat at the top of the pendant in a three-claw setting and a soft and feminine oval suspended in a four-claw setting below.
Especially lovely when paired with the gorgeous Gaia earrings.

Available in eight combined carat weight options:
1 x 4.0mm plus 6x4mm (0.75ct)
1 x 5.0mm plus 6x4mm (1.00ct)
1 x 6.0mm plus 6x4mm (1.25ct)
1 x 6.5mm plus 6x4mm (1.50ct)
1 x 4.0mm plus 7x5mm (1.00ct)
1 x 5.0mm plus 7x5mm (1.25ct)
1 x 6.0mm plus 7x5mm (1.50ct)
1 x 6.5mm plus 7x5mm (1.75ct)

Supplied with a 16″ chain as standard. Other chain styles and a longer length is available on request.