Heart Cut


If you love sparkle, a lab grown Heart diamond ring is a wonderful choice of shape when it comes to brilliance and fire. The gentle and endearing Heart cut diamond is a scintillating jewel design and the epitome of romance.

Our signature stone, the Ethica Diamond, is not a lab grown diamond but a lab grown stone that is precisely cut from premium grade silicone carbide (moissanite) with a diamond infusion.

Each stone is grown under strict conditions, cut by hand and fully faceted to exact diamond proportions, giving each stone incredible depth and sparkle, and independently certified by the GRI.

Ethica Diamonds are as standard:

  • E colour
  • VVS1 clarity
  • Excellent cut

Please enquire if you would like different specifications.

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Heart diamonds date back to the 16th century, where the first truly well-known Heart diamond was gifted to Queen Elizabeth in 1562 by Mary Queen of Scots.

The stones shown on the model’s hand are for reference only. Actual carat weight availability may vary.

In the event that another jeweller sets your stone, the Lifetime Stone Guarantee will be void.

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Size (mm) Carat
5 0.50
6 0.75
6.5 1.00
7 1.25
7.5 1.50
8 2.00
9 3.00