Round Brilliant Cut


Our signature stone, the Ethica Diamond, is not a lab grown diamond but a lab grown stone, which is precisely cut from premium grade silicone carbide (moissanite) with a diamond infusion and independently certified by the GRI.

The GRI graded Ethica Diamonds are our standard stones and available in all shapes, whereas the IGI graded Ethica Diamonds carry the patented technology and are currently only available in the Round Brilliant shape.

Each stone is grown under strict conditions, cut by hand and fully faceted to exact diamond proportions, giving each stone incredible depth and sparkle.

All Ethica Diamonds, GRI or IGI certified, are as standard:

  • E colour
  • VVS1 clarity
  • Excellent cut

Please enquire if you would like different specifications.

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The Round Brilliant cut is by far the most popular and most researched stone shape available today. For almost 100 years, diamond cutters have been using advanced theories of light behaviour and precise mathematical calculations to optimise the fire and brilliance of the Round Brilliant cut.

During the Edwardian, Victorian and Art Deco era’s, the round shaped diamond cut was known as the Old European cut; it wasn’t until 1919 that the Round Brilliant cut was invented by Marcel Tolkowsky and from there, the brilliance of the Round Brilliant cut has been refined more and more.

The Round Brilliant cut is the most expensive cut, not only due to their popularity but because they have more facets than any other cut, which requires more precision work. Cutters also have to discard more of the rough diamond, so you pay for a bigger diamond than you end up with.

The Round Brilliant is classic and loved for its unmatched brilliance and beauty, and it returns the most amount of light due to its ideal facet pattern. It resembles a simple circle, which makes it extremely versatile.

All Round Brilliants are consistently cut by hand to the finest ‘Hearts and Arrows’ cut, the best you can get for sparkle and light play. Our Round Brilliant Ethica Diamonds also have the option to be independently certified by the IGI.

The stones shown on the model’s hand are for reference only. Actual carat weight availability may vary.
In the event that another jeweller sets your stone, the Lifetime Stone Guarantee will be void.
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Size (mm) Carat
4.5 0.35
5 0.50
5.5 0.63
6 0.75
6.5 1.00
7 1.25
7.5 1.50
8 2.00
8.5 2.25
9 2.50
9.5 3.00
10 3.50
10.5 4.00
11 5.00