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At Ethica Diamonds, we work closely with a traditional jewellery workshop in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, where we can resize and repair almost any ring with precision using state of the art laser welding techniques, resulting in a seamless, invisible, hardwearing finish. We also know it’s not always possible to get the right ring size first time, so we have put some handy information together to help you find the right size of you!


Our Guide To The Right Ring Size 

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Making your perfect ring is important to us, and we understand that finding the perfect size for your ring can be tricky when purchasing online. If you are resident in the UK, we are happy to send you a complimentary plastic ring sizer so that you can easily measure your finger size at home.

Please note that this should only be used as a guide and we recommend that you double check the size is correct with a local jeweller before ordering.

Ring Sizer
Sketch - Ring

How Does It Work?

 Please send your ring back to us at –

Ethica, PO Box 331, St Austell, Cornwall PL25 9HD

We recommend using Royal Mail Special Delivery which is guaranteed before 1.00pm the next day and we will email you to acknowledge when we have safely received your ring for your peace of mind. Please send back to us in its original box or alternative box so your ring is safe and secure. Email us with your return address and make sure that you include the details of your order, the name of the person who made the purchase. We recommend that you also put a copy of this inside the parcel.

Our resizing Service costs £125.00* and is inclusive of three-way insured postage and VAT to our workshop and back to you. Every resize is different, and the exact cost may vary with ring style, width and metal – we will inform you in advance if the cost will be more than this.

We use the laser joining method which will give a flawless finish to the highest standard. The process takes around 10 working days from the day it reaches our workshop and as part of this service, we will re-polish your ring for you too, so that it looks shiny and brand new again!

Resizing down. No metal would be removed from the ring during this process. This applies for a difference of 1-2 sizes. More than this might require re-setting the stone/s or replacing the mount.

Resizing up. We would not stretch the metal during this process, which would compromise the integrity of the band. We would quote for an extra piece of metal, (in addition to the resizing fee) that is added to the band if necessary.

We offer a complimentary resize on all engagement rings with a purchase price of £2000 or more within 6 weeks from the delivery date.*


Shoulder set designs are more susceptible to stones becoming loose because the claws are so small and delicate, there is a greater chance for them to loosen slightly over time and may lead to a stone eventually falling and these designs can become more even more vulnerable following a resize.  Please ensure that you take extra care with sizing before ordering a ring with stones set in the shoulders.

Art Deco Style Lab-Grown Diamond Ring | Natalia | Ethica Diamonds | UK

Similarly multi-stone rings that have been returned for resizing up or resizing down also carry a risk of stone disturbance which is very common within the industry and is by no means a reflection on the quality of the product purchased. We always take every possible precaution when we resize rings and every claw will be checked and secured by our setters before it leaves our workshop. However, once it has been altered from the original manufactured size, we cannot predict what may happen to it thereafter and responsibility then lies with the owner. 

If you have ordered a ring, but you are not sure that it is the right size, it is best to wait until you know for certain rather than have the engraving done at the time of purchase. You can then send the ring back to us for it to be engraved once you know that you have the correct finger size. This will avoid you having to pay again for the engraving to be redone. Please let us know if there is engraving on the ring that needs to be resized, or a textured finish, as re-engraving or refinishing will incur an extra cost.


Even with the best of care, jewellery pieces may require professional attention and if you wear fine jewellery daily, a little wear and tear is expected.

 All repairs will be sent to our workshop for inspection before we can advise whether the cost is covered by us under your warranty.
We offer a full aftercare and maintenance service for existing clients, where all repair and re-finishing workshop services are carried out at a Loyalty Cost (non-profit) price.

If your Ethica Diamonds piece requires service – Please email us with as much information as you can and include photos if it helps.
 Upon arrival, our workshop team will assess the damage and send follow up information regarding the estimated cost of repair, if relevant, and the time required to complete the repair job.

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Warranty & Guarantee Policy

Jewellery Services 



  • We cannot accept responsibility for rings that are not originally ordered in the correct size and consequently require resizing. 
  • Resizing or repairs carried out on an item bought from Ethica Diamonds, or under our previous name of Kinetique, needs to be returned to us in order to keep any warranty validated. We will not be responsible for the jewellery or any damage/loss of the stones if it has been altered by a third party.
  • If a shoulder set ring needs to be resized by more than the average 1-2 sizes, it may cause disturbance to the setting and the stones. In this case, a new mount maybe required and we will offer you a scrap value for the original setting, offset against the cost of a new mount manufactured in the correct size. This is an exceptional circumstance, and we would avoid this if at all possible.
  • Full diamond set bands cannot be resized. We recommend a half or three quarter set band or a good compromise is to leave a small sizing gap at the back of the band. To request this, Contact Us.
  • Fallen or loose stones will be replaced if a manufacturing/setting fault is identified within the first 30 days following any alteration/repair carried out by us or within 30 days of purchase.
  • Ethica do not refund or cover associated postage costs for repairs.
  • For complimentary resizing on engagement rings – you are responsible for all the associated postage costs.
  • For the Resize Service – you are responsible for the cost of sending your ring to us, the return postage is covered within the service fee.

*exclusions apply

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