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Simon and Amy – more than an engagement story

23rd June 2017November 1st, 2022No Comments

Amy and Simon agreed to let us share their story, which includes a pendant, as well as a trilogy ring.

Amy explains that she and Simon have been together for ten years, they make joint decisions about things; they are pragmatic people.  They apparently decided that it was ‘the right time’ to get engaged, to celebrate their relationship and mark its permanence. Amy said it was very much going to be ‘their ring’, not just her ring, ‘after all, he’s got to look at it every day!’  so together, they looked at rings, investigating the ethics of metals and gems, particularly diamonds.

After much searching, they were starting to wonder if they’d ever find the right ring, when they came across the Ethica Diamonds website.  Intrigued, they arranged a quick weekend away to Cornwall, and visited Ethica Diamonds to talk to Elaine and see their lab-grown gemstones.

With the huge choice of rings available, they kept coming back to the Donato ring, a trilogy ring with a contemporary crossover setting, holding the stones between the two shoulders.  Very stylish and elegant, nothing else could compete, in their eyes.

(We no longer stock the Donato however you can view our current selection here).

After placing the order, in the right size for Amy, and in platinum, they enjoyed the rest of their short break, before returning home. The ring followed them a few weeks later, arriving in time for Amy to wear it at a small New Year’s Eve party at their home, to the delight of their friends.


The second part of this story involves Amy’s much-loved grandmother Lilian, who had recently passed away, leaving Amy with a small inheritance.  Amy wanted to invest the money in something that would be a tangible and lasting memento of her grandmother, and chose to buy a pendant from Ethica Diamonds, alongside the engagement ring.

The pendant she chose is called Iantha, and is shaped like a violet.  It is so new it wasn’t even on the website when they chose it.  Lilian was a keen gardener, and Amy has many memories of spending time in her extensive garden after school, following her round, learning to take care of the things growing there, and hearing the stories of the plants and flowers. A flower-shaped sparkling pendant is perfect, recalling these happy memories, and the treasure of her relationship with Lilian. Amy is sure that Lilian would have approved of Ethica Diamonds’ ethos, and the environmentally sound stones that we produce, and is delighted to have been able to choose a flower pendant to remember her grandmother by.

We wish Amy and Simon all the very best in their future together, and in their garden!

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