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Our booklet is full of helpful information and tips. From getting the ring size right, explaining the difference between precious metal types, a lab grown diamond purchasing guide, and how our stones exhibit the same (or even more!) fire, scintillation, and sparkle as mined diamonds.

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Can’t seem to find “The One”?


Our brochures have an extensive range of engagement ring styles and jewellery to suit everyones individual tastes and needs.  We have hundreds of engagement ring designs available, so whether you are looking for a simple solitaire, trilogy, halo, multistone or shoulder set engagement ring, we are confident that something in our catalogues will inspire you. We also have many different options for earrings, pendants and tennis bracelets, too.

The gold we use within all of our jewellery is as beautiful as it is ethical, being either Fairtrade or recycled. The stones we use within our jewellery are lab grown for the most ethical and beautiful alternative to mined diamonds.  We give our customers the choice between two different stone options: the Ethica Diamond, a lab-grown gemstone, or pure lab grown diamonds, grown using renewable energy to ensure their purity and sustainability.

If none of the existing styles fill you with excitement, then why not design your own? We have a bespoke service where you can create your dream piece of jewellery, engagement ring or other, so there really are endless possibilities. View our previous commissions for inspiration!

Download our free PDFs to view more of what we are able to offer from our catalogues, and get in touch with us for a quotation if you see something that catches your eye, or if you would like to find out more about our bespoke service..

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