Warranty & Guarantee

What Is Included?

Ethica Diamonds guarantees your engagement ring and wedding band to be free of manufacturing defects and your new jewellery is covered against manufacturing defects for a 5 years, giving you full peace of mind.

As each ring is made-to-order and crafted specifically for you, slight variations are to be expected, and are not viewed as a defect. If the damage is deemed outside of a manufacturing defect, we’ll always let you know the price of a repair before beginning any work.

If you believe your ring has a defect, you are able to send it back to us at any time for an inspection where we will repair or replace your ring as deemed appropriate. Please ensure that you arrange adequate insurance for your valuable jewellery item to cover risk of loss or damage and the cost and insurance for all items being sent to Ethica Diamonds is the responsibility of the sender.

We offer 2 parts to our warranty, one is for the jewellery itself and the other covers the Ethica Diamond/s and coloured gemstones.

  • A 5 year warranty is given on jewellery against manufacturing defects. This covers things like porous metal during the manufacturing process/faults in the metal finish when the jewellery is first received, missing pave stones (gemstones/lab grown diamonds 0.02ct and under), chain detachment from a jump ring, loose diamonds, and/or loose claws. Repaired or resized jewellery, carried out by us is guaranteed for 30 days.*
  • A lifetime warranty is given on all Ethica Diamonds and coloured gemstones against manufacturing defects and it will be replaced free of charge in the event of loss of optical properties, discolouration, cracking or fracture to the stones. We will inspect every item that is returned to us and advise accordingly if the repair is chargeable or not.
    *exclusions apply


PLEASE NOTE – These are examples and will not be covered under our warranty.

  • – Generally accepted patterns of wear (e.g exercising, gardening etc) or wear and tear including scratching, warping, stretched chains/rings, lost jewellery, or damage due to improper use, cleaning or storage.
  • Manufacturing fault includes breakdown of the metal, fracturing from porosity or inconsistency in colour or texture. This does not include wear and tear or damage from improper care or accidental damage (usually a blow/strike to the jewellery) that may have caused scratching or damage to the stone/setting including the disturbance of small stones in their setting.
  • – Jewellery that is returned without original documentation and/or proof of purchase.
  • – All loose stones purchased from us, that are not set by us. Once you pass your personal possession to a third party, it is at your own risk. We cannot be accountable for anything that happens to a stone that you purchase from us once authority is passed on.
  • – Jewellery that has has been altered, repaired or resized by a third party. (the only exception is if you’re purchasing outside of the UK and need a third-party jeweller to resize your ring.)
  • – This warranty excludes the replacement of any lost centre stone, or any stone larger than .02ct. Stones of .02ct and below will only be replaced inside 30 days from purchase and/or resize with us, provided these is no signs of damage that could have caused the stones to fall.
  • – Rings that are worn together set in different metals and/or stones types may cause wear which will not be covered in our warranty.
  • – Shoulder set rings or multi-stone rings that have been returned to us for resizing up, resizing down or rings returned to us for repair carry a risk of disturbing the side/shoulder stones in their setting. We cannot predict what may happen to these types of rings once have been altered from the original manufactured size and responsibility then lies with the owner.  Resized rings become more vulnerable and further disturbance to an altered setting can cause stones to loosen and/or fall out. Please ensure that you take extra care with sizing before ordering a ring with more than one stone because we will not be responsible for the cost of repair to altered settings.
  • – As with all diamond jewellery that is set by hand, there is a “bedding in” period which is more often than not within the first month of the diamond jewellery being worn when it is newly set.  It is more commonly seen in gold rather than platinum because it is a softer metal, but it doesn’t exclude platinum.  As the precious metal is worn, it warms up and cools down which can sometimes cause stones to become loose/rattle or very small stones might fall and is no means a reflection of the quality of product purchased.
  • – Shoulder set designs, especially those with many small diamonds are more susceptible because the claws are so small and delicate, there is a greater chance for the tiny claws to loosen slightly over time which may lead to the stone eventually falling.  It can also be caused by a clothing hitch that may have gone un-noticed or a slight knock which can slightly loosen the claws.
  • – Halo designs have small stones set around the centre stone. These can be claw set or channel set. Claw set halo designs are more vulnerable than channel set because the sides of the small stones are exposed, so can get knocked without protection, which may cause the stones to become loose or distort from their setting.
  • – The minimalist design of tension settings lacks the security provided by traditional claw settings and this should be considered before purchasing.  This means that tension set rings need a little extra care. Exposed stones settings carry a greater risk of damage and so tension settings risk damage from knocks and bangs, particularity if set with larger carat stones. The stone will become loose if pressure from an outside force strikes a tension setting.

If you have specific questions about our warranty, please Contact Us.

Annual Jewellery Maintenance

We’ve curated an Annual Jewellery Maintenance package with everything you need to keep your engagement and wedding rings in perfect condition. Our Annual Jewellery Maintenance package includes clean, polish and replating of your jewellery (if required) as well as checking any settings for loose claws or stones. You can learn more about the Annual Jewellery Maintenance here.

Non Profit Repairs

Even with the best of care, jewellery pieces may require professional attention and if you wear fine jewellery daily, a little wear and tear is normal. We offer a full aftercare and maintenance service for existing clients, where all repair and re-finishing workshop services are carried out at a Loyalty Cost (non-profit) price.

If your Ethica Diamonds piece requires service – please Contact Us for shipping instructions. Upon arrival, our workshop team will assess the damage and send follow up information regarding the estimated cost of repair, if relevant, and the time required to complete the repair job.

Clients are responsible for shipping costs (to and from our workshop) for cleaning, inspections, and repair work.