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Emulating radiant beauty, our lab grown diamond set ring collection is the perfect way to represent the precious bond between you and your partner. There is something for everyone, with some wedding band styles set with premium grade moissanite. These wedding bands make a bold and sparkling wedding or anniversary statement.


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Eternity & Wedding Ring Collection

Ethica Diamonds’ lab diamond set bands are a wonderful alternative to standard wedding ring sets. Instead of a purely metal wedding band, these rings are finely punctuated with lab grown diamonds set in a variety of designs. They perfectly express the wearer’s unique personality and the bond they have with their partner in a dazzling statement that will catch the eye of all. 

This collection of diamond set bands can be worn as stand alone statement pieces or with other rings depending on the chosen style of ring. Their versatility allows these bands to amplify the beauty of stacking bands and engagement rings or function as stunning pieces in their own right depending on style. The variety of designs available allow the wearer to express themselves boldly or in more subtle ways as the union between a couple is celebrated and showcased.   

The lab grown diamonds which punctuate the Diamond Set Band Collection have the same mineral make up as natural diamonds and have an identical appearance to them. They have been created in a laboratory and are seen as a more sustainable option to natural diamonds since the mining of natural diamonds can have negative social and environmental impacts. Lab diamonds can be grown with minimal harm to the environment and fewer resources. At Ethica Diamonds, all our diamond set bands are available with the finest quality VS1 clarity lab diamonds in E/F colour. They are a more affordable and ethically sustainable option than naturally grown diamonds while retaining the same standard of quality.

Our elegant selection of diamond set bands can be worn as wedding ring sets or as eternity rings to celebrate your ongoing relationship as a symbol of significant events along you and your partner’s journey. We have a wide range of designs available which mean you and your partner can select the perfect piece to express your unique bond and show it to the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a diamond set band rather than a standard wedding band?

Diamond set bands are a great way to add a bold statement to what might otherwise be a more subtle expression of partnership and love. They will catch the eye of all who see them and draw attention to the relationship they represent more so than a less conspicuous wedding band. But these bands can also be used as anniversary pieces which mark points along the journey of you and your partner. Depending on the design chosen, it is possible to wear diamond set bands with a standard wedding band. They can even be worn as eternity rings. Diamond set bands are perfect for a couple with a big personality and a passion they want to show off to the world. They are stylish and eye-catching so if it is a statement you want to make then diamond set bands are the way to go.

Is a diamond set band more susceptible to damage?

The most significant impact on any ring comes from the lifestyle of its wearer. It is true that diamond set bands have delicate prongs holding their lab grown diamonds. These can be more susceptible to bending and breaking than a wedding band that does not have any stone settings. However, the most significant thing to consider is how well you care for and maintain your diamond set band, as with any other kind of ring. Here are some pointers towards how to properly look after you diamond set band:

1. Always remove your ring when engaging in activities that may damage it including heavy lifting, gardening, or going to the gym/sports, for example.

2. Avoid wearing your diamond set band while doing household chores involving chemicals or abrasive substances which can do harm to the metal.

3. Regularly use mild soap, warm water, and a soft brush to clean dirt from your ring which may otherwise make it appear dull and/or tarnished.

4. Make sure to safely store your diamond set band in a secure and safe place such as a jewellery pouch or box when it is not being worn so as to protect it from unnecessary wear and tear. 

5. Have the ring annually inspected and maintained to ensure the lab grown diamonds are secure and in good condition. Ethica offers a not for profit ring maintenance service helping you keep your delicate lab diamond ring in perfect condition.  

Can I get a diamond set band resized?

A fully set diamond band has lab grown diamonds set around its entire circumference and so has a lack of plain metal to alter. This means a fully set diamond band cannot be resized.  However, half set or three quarter set diamond bands can be resized. 

When a band is half set or three quarter set, it means the lab diamonds are only set across half or three quarters of the band as opposed to a full set across the whole ring. Half and three quarter set diamond bands are lighter and more affordable since they hold fewer stones and are also more comfortable to wear. The presence of plain metal in these sorts of settings is what allows the ring to be resized if necessary. 

At Ethica Diamonds we offer a free resizing service for rings valued at over two-thousand-pounds and are able to resize up to three ring sizes smaller or larger than the original ring size.

Can I customise the design of a diamond set band?

Yes! It is possible to customise all of Ethica’s stone set rings. We offer a range of customisations including smaller or larger total carat weight, lab diamond colour, band width, and gem type.

We can also create bespoke jewellery that is unique to you whether that includes designing your own jewellery piece or putting your own spin on an existing design. If you wish to create a bespoke ring, all you have to do is schedule an appointment with our specialist custom design team. We can discuss with you your preferences and vision such as the desired centre stone, accents, stone colours, metal, and band style.  We will work together to create a 3D rendering or sketch of your ring concept and make any necessary adjustments or modifications until you are satisfied with the design.

When completed, your bespoke lab diamond engagement or wedding ring will be polished until it sparkles and be presented to you in a beautiful box.

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