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Collection: Women's Wedding Rings

Discover this stunning collection of women's wedding bands, that are crafted using recycled precious metals. Forever wedding rings that are sustainable & eco friendly.


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Ethical Wedding Bands For Women

Ethical wedding bands for women are rings that are made using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, as well as manufactured under fair labour conditions. These rings prioritise ethics and social responsibility while still maintaining beauty and durability. Some features of Ethica Diamonds' ethical wedding bands for women include:

Conflict free, fair trade, ethically sourced materials such as lab grown diamonds, semi precious gemstones, and fully recycled or fair trade ethically sourced metals such as gold and platinum. This reduces the need for mining and helps to minimise environmental and social impacts.

Environmentally friendly, sustainable, carbon neutral production of lab grown diamonds and moissanite which are a fraction of the cost of natural diamonds which are obtained using unethical mining practices.

Transparent supply chain which means we can trace the origin of all the materials used in our jewellery collections and ensure every step of the production process meets ethical standards.

Overall, ethical wedding bands for women strive to combine beauty and sustainability, allowing couples to celebrate their love while also minimising their impact on the environment and supporting ethical practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your diamonds and gemstones come with a certificate?

Diamond certificates help authenticate a diamond’s characteristics for quality and pricing purposes. A certified diamond is very important to a consumer because without one it is much like buying a car without a warranty.

The Ethica Diamond® is certified by the both the IGI and GRI, both using international standards, and all of our lab diamonds are certified by a mixture of bodies, including IGI, GCAL, GIA. You can read more about our two stone options here – Our Stones

What materials are used in Ethica's wedding bands?

In all our women's wedding rings we use ethical and sustainable materials.

The metals we use include:

Yellow gold 18k

Rose gold 18k

White gold 18k

Platinum 950

The stones used in our wedding bands include:

Carbon neutral lab grown diamonds

The Ethica Diamond® grown using patented technology

Ethically sourced coloured gemstones in a variety of hues and intensities.

The wide selection of materials we have available here at Ethica allow for a sublime collection of wedding rings that can suit every couple and personality. Whether you are looking for something full of symbolism of the love between you and your partner, something subtle and traditional, or something bold and fashionable, we are sure to have something that suits your tastes.

Do Ethica's women's wedding bands come with a warranty?

Yes! We offer a free lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all of our jewellery.

Manufacturing faults in precious metals can include breakdown of the metal seen as fracturing from porosity or inconsistency in colour or texture, chain detachment from a jump ring etc.

Loose gemstones or diamonds, and/or loose claws on new jewellery or on jewellery we have resized is guaranteed for the first 30 days, provided there are no signs of accidental damage to the jewellery.

A lifetime warranty is also given on every Ethica Diamond® and all Ethica coloured gemstones  (our branded gemstones only) against manufacturing defects which will be replaced free of charge in the event of loss of optical properties or discolouration. 

For more information look here, or visit our FAQs page.

How do I look after my wedding band?

Looking after your precious wedding ring is actually very easy and will guarantee the long lasting shine and sparkle of your jewellery.

  1.  It is a good idea to remove your wedding ring when participating in activities that strike, repeatedly wear, knock or potentially cause damage to your jewellery.
  2.  Never put multiple earth mined and/or man-made precious stones and gems together as this could scratch your stone if you have one in your wedding band.
  3.  Avoid contact as much as possible with harsh chemicals or products such as perfume or lotions to ensure the quality and brilliance of the gemstone in your wedding band is maintained.
  4.  The best way to clean your wedding band at home is to use warm water, mild dishwashing liquid and a (very soft) toothbrush. For professional cleaning, see your local jeweller for ultrasonic cleaning.

The lustre and patina of gold is gorgeous. It does not tarnish or fade over time. In its pure form however it is very soft and care should always be taken not to scratch or knock it against hard surfaces.

We recommend that you wear rings of a similar Karat together, e.g. your wedding and engagement ring, as the higher the karat of gold you wear, the softer the metal and one may wear down the other over time.

Gold should be cleaned regularly in order to maintain its beauty. A soft, lint free cloth is a very effective way to keep gold jewellery looking beautiful. Gold does not like chlorine or bleach so be aware of this when in a swimming pool or hot tub.

Platinum develops a natural patina that many people prefer over the “just polished” look.  When this happens, you can send it to us or take it to your local jeweller to have it re-polished back to its new high-shine look.

As with diamonds and gemstones, you should take care to protect any precious metal jewellery by keeping it safe in the jewellery box it came with or a chamois bag.

We have a care booklet with every piece of jewellery purchased that explains our recommendations for how to care for your jewellery.

You can also download our care guide here:

Jewellery Care Guide

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