Complimentary Ring Resize

We know it’s not always possible to get the size perfect first time, which is why we offer a free standard cost resize on all engagement rings orders. We can resize almost any ring with precision, using laser techniques, resulting in a seamless, invisible & hard wearing finish.

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Ring Resizing

Resizing usually takes around 15 working days to come back to you from the day it reaches our workshop.

We operate on a not for profit basis for all of our workshop services, and the cost includes insured postage to and from our workshop and safely back to you.

Every resize is different, and the exact cost may vary with ring style, width and metal – we will inform you in advance if the cost will be more than this.

Re-polishing and professional deep cleaning is included as part of this service, restoring your ring to its new condition.
Our standard cost for resizing is £125 which is also inclusive of three way postage.

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Ring Repairs

We provide a Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty on all jewellery purchased from our website. Any faults resulting from manufacturing will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

Our workshop manager will assess the damage and if relevant, the estimated cost of the repair and time required to complete this work.

If you are an Ethica Diamonds client in need of jewellery repair – please contact our Concierge Team on 01872 222248 & they will be able to advise you further.

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Ring Maintenance

Even with the best of care, jewellery may require professional attention. especially if you wear fine jewellery daily, and particularly engagement rings, a little wear and tear is expected.

It’s a good idea to have your special pieces professionally maintained to check the stones are secure, polish scratches and scuffs out of the metal & deep clean any small diamonds, to restore the shine and brilliance.

Ring Resizing & Ring Repair FAQ's

How do I get my jewellery to your workshop?

Please send your jewellery to us at –

Ethica, PO Box 331, St Austell, Cornwall PL25 9HD

We recommend using Royal Mail Special Delivery which is guaranteed before 1.00pm the next day and we will email you to acknowledge when we have safely received your parcel. Please send it back to us in its original box or alternative box so it’s safe and secure. Drop us an email with your return address and make sure that you include the details of your order and the name of the person who placed the order, if different. We recommend that you also put a copy of this inside the parcel.

Will I lose metal if I reduce the size?

No metal would be removed from the ring during this process. This applies for a difference of 1-2 sizes. More than this might require re-setting the stone/s or replacing the mount.

Will resizing bigger weaken my ring?

We recommend increasing by 1-2 sizes, which will not compromise the integrity of the band. If we need to increase the size more than this, we would not stretch the band, which could cause weakness, but quote for an extra piece of metal, (in addition to the resizing fee) that is added to the band if necessary.

What do I do If I am between sizes?

If you're unsure, choose a slightly bigger engagement ring. Making a ring smaller is much easier than increasing its size. In addition, a size up might be ideal if you live in a warm climate because heat can make your fingers swell.

Can I find out what my partner's finger size is without them knowing?

Yes, there are many ways to find your partner’s ring size without them knowing. If they already own some rings, this is an easy way to find their size. Asking family or friends is another tactic.

Read our Finger Size Guide to learn all the ways to secretly find a ring size.

How can I measure my finger size at home?

To measure ring size at home you can wrap paper or string around your finger, mark the place where the material meets, and then measure the length with a ruler. Read our Finger Size Guide for more step-by-step details.

Do you offer ring engraving?

Yes, we offer ring engraving on the vast majority of our engagement rings and wedding bands, which you can choose from the product page when you are shopping. Please note that engraved rings are excluded from our returns policy and therefore cannot be returned or exchanged. Please visit Our Services for details.

How much will it cost to repair my jewellery?

We operate a not for profit repair and maintenance service for existing clients, where all workshop repairs and services are carried out for a not for profit cost. This ensures that these all important services remain accessible to you throughout the lifetime of your special jewellery. We will assess your jewellery and let you know the cost of fixing it before we go ahead with any work.

Is my jewellery covered under warranty?

We will need to evaluate your item at our jewellery workshop, so we will ask you for a deposit of £50, to cover the cost of shipping your jewellery to our workshop and an evaluation by our workshop manager. This is necessary to determine if the damage is warrantied. This fee is refunded in full for all warrantied repairs. We also offer complimentary shipping back to the client for all warrantied repairs. Repairs that are not covered under the lifetime warranty will have a price quoted to the client for approval before work is performed. If approved, the deposit will be applied to this repair. If the client chooses not to perform the repair, the deposit will be applied to cover the shipping charge back to the client after evaluation.

If a warranty issue is found, Ethica Diamonds will repair the warrantied damage or replace the item without charge.