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Engagement Ring Buying Guide

We love being part of all your biggest moments and when it comes to buying an engagement ring it’s all about the little details.

By getting these right, we know that you’ll choose the ring they’ll treasure for a lifetime – because if it means the world to you, it does to us too.

The Design

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Choosing Your Ring Style

Halo Engagement Rings

A halo engagement ring, as the name suggests, has a “halo” of smaller diamonds or gemstones surrounding the centre stone, accentuating its size. This style is often associated with vintage styles, with many halo engagement rings being popular in the art deco and victorian era, although we also have a selection of minimalistic and modern halo designs in our collection. 

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Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement rings are one of the most classic designs for an engagement ring due to their simplicity and timelessness. Originating from the Latin word “solus” meaning ‘alone’ or ‘sole’, solitaire rings feature just one single diamond or gemstone.

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Shoulder Set Engagement Rings

Shoulder set designs feature very small diamonds which are set along the band (also known as the “shoulders” of a ring, hence the name!), often in pavé settings.  Diamond set shoulders add more sparkle and interest to the setting without distracting too much from the centre stone.

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Multi-Stone Engagement Rings

A multi stone ring is one that features more than one main stone. This could be a three-stone (trilogy) engagement ring, a two-stone (toi-et-moi) engagement ring or, less traditionally, a five-stone engagement ring. Having more than one main stone means that these designs lend themselves perfectly to featuring coloured gemstones alongside a diamond, adding colour and more individuality to the ring.

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Trilogy Engagement Rings

Trilogy engagement rings feature three stones and have a sentimental meaning, where each stone represents the past, present and future together as a couple. These designs lend themselves well to incorporating colour into a ring, as well as different shaped diamonds or stone on the sides. 

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Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

Hidden halo engagement rings feature a hidden row of smaller diamonds or gemstones beneath the centre stone, adding extra sparkle and enhancing the overall interest of the ring. This style emerged as a way to give a stunning and unique twist to the traditional solitaire setting. 

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Accented Engagement Rings

Our accented engagement rings feature a central diamond or gemstone which is complemented by other small diamonds or gemstones, adding interest and extra sparkle.  Many of our most popular engagement rings have accents, since they can make the design more unique and personal.

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Vintage Engagement Rings

From floral designs and intricate milgrain details to bold rings with big stones, there are many different characteristics which define vintage style engagement rings. Our collection of vintage engagement rings take inspiration from a few different era’s , with designs which are perfect for lovers of timeless classics, as well as those who have a boho style.

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Modern Engagement Rings

Our modern engagement ring collection features designs which are minimal and clean, as well as designs which have emerged more recently with thin bands and talon claws. 

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Dainty Engagement Rings

Our dainty ring collection are the ring styles with slimmer bands or other details which are considered more delicate and feminine. 

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Have a Specific Design In Mind?

Our attentive team is here to help you create a personalised piece of jewellery, whether you'd like to design something from scratch or customise an existing design. We aim to make the process simple and listen to your requirements, ensuring that every little detail is taken care of to make the final piece truly unique to you.

The Stone

Choosing your stone type

The shape of the stone is fundamental to how it looks, and every shape has a different cut, sparkle and meaning behind it.  We can source lab diamonds and our signature moissanite, Ethica Diamond in any shape, in addition to the ten most classic shapes.

> Our Lab Grown Diamonds

> Our Ethica Diamond

At Ethica, we are proud to support a more sustainable diamond industry by going one step further and offering sustainably rated lab grown diamonds; diamonds grown using renewable energy. These diamonds are certified by third parties to have a carbon neutral footprint.

> Our Sustainably Rated Lab Grown Diamonds
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Quality & Specifications

At Ethica, we are very particular about quality.

We use lab diamonds with very specific specifications, sourcing truly sparkly, gorgeous diamonds for our jewellery: D, E or F colour and IF-VVS clarity.

Another option we offer, the Ethica Diamond, is super premium grade moissanite cut to diamond proportions for exceptional sparkle and beauty: E colour and VVS1 clarity.

To learn more about what this means, read about the 7 C’s of diamonds.

> Our Diamond Buying Guide

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Stone Shape

We love being part of all your biggest moments and when it comes to buying an engagement ring it’s all about the little details. By getting these right, we know that you’ll choose the ring they’ll treasure for a lifetime – because if it means the world to you, it does to us too.

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Want to add colour?

We searched the globe for lab grown gemstones which match or exceed the quality of natural gemstones, with the same crystal and atomic structure, so that we can offer traceable coloured gemstones that are just as beautiful as those from mined origins.

The Metal


18k Yellow Gold

18k Yellow Gold is an alloy of gold which is durable and strong, with a warmth and lustre loved by many. We use 18k in our jewellery for the beautiful warm tones, whilst being strong - not brittle - and safe to set with precious gems.


18k White Gold

18k white gold is an alloy of gold with a silver colour. 18k white gold isn’t intrinsically silver; it is plated with rhodium to make it silver or “white”. The colour of white gold is very slightly warmer than that of platinum, but they are generally indistinguishable by most people.


18k Rose Gold

18k rose gold is a red/ coppery alloy of gold which is a different colour due to a higher ratio of copper in the alloy. It is a more unusual option for engagement rings since it isn’t the typical, classic choice, but this uniqueness is why many opt for it.



Platinum is a silver coloured metal which is extremely durable and strong, making it the optimum choice for engagement rings set with precious stones. It is silver all the way through, making it the preferred option by many over 18k white gold.

Not Sure Which Metal To Choose?

Learn more about our four metal types key differences and how to choose the metal to suit your style, stone choice and skin tone on our Precious Metals Page.


The Purchase

We are dedicated to supporting you with any queries you may have, no matter how simple or trivial you think they might be. We can (almost) guarantee we've heard them before!

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Timelines & Delivery

Our pieces are made to order - unless they are from our in-stock selection - so they need some time to be made especially for you.

  • Priority orders: 3 weeks
  • Standard orders: 3-5 weeks
  • Bespoke orders: 6-8 weeks

Once your piece of jewellery is ready to send to you, we send it via fully insured and tracked special delivery, to arrive the next working day to your chosen delivery address. Orders over £1,500 qualify for free delivery.

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In a rush?

If our above timelines are still too tight for your proposal plans, we have a selection of In Stock pieces that are ready to ship. We also have a sample service where you can propose with a sample ring. This means you can come in together after the proposal and choose the ring, taking the pressure off ensuring the design and size is right.

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Plastic Free Packaging

We use 100% plastic free packaging made using luxury sustainable materials.

Orders over £3,000 come with one of our gorgeous bespoke-made wooden forever boxes, which can otherwise be purchased for £35.

Our Support