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Once you’ve purchased your piece of jewellery, the care and attention from us doesn’t stop.

We offer a range of jewellery services to our clients which is operated on a 'not for profit' basis, so that maintenance, repairs and restoration to your jewellery is accessibly priced and ensures that it stays looking as good as the day you bought it.


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Extraordinary Customer Care

We are committed to putting you first and delivering an exceptional experience.

Our expert customer care team is here to answer all of your questions, providing guidance and support at every step.

elaine & emily x

- Elaine & Emily, Founders Our reviews
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Exquisite Bespoke Craftsmanship

Looking for something unique to you?

Our commitment to exceptional quality and meticulous attention to detail ensures we create bespoke pieces of luxury jewellery, to be cherished for a lifetime.

Our Jewellery Services

Over time, daily wear and tear can take its toll on your treasured jewellery. That's why Ethica offer a comprehensive range of jewellery services to restore your beloved gems - of any age, make or design - to their full glory.

We offer a comprehensive range of jewellery services to our existing clients including repair and restoration, annual jewellery maintenance which includes professional deep cleaning and polishing, gold replating, ring resizing and ring engraving.

Because we realise how important your jewellery is to you, we operate on a not for profit basis, ensuring that these jewellery services are accessibly priced for you.

For new customers that are considering a purchase, we also offer a 'try before you buy' sample service where you can try on your favourite engagement rings in the comfort of your own home. The fee is even refunded if you go onto make a purchase with us within 6 weeks!

Ethica specialise in bespoke jewellery design and you can start your journey with our expert concierge team with just a small deposit of £300 to begin creating your own unique piece of custom jewellery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a restoration?

During restoration, you can be assured of the following measures:

  • All items are digitally photographed and examined.
  • Restoration work is completed by our highly skilled jewellery workshop.
  • Jewellery is finished and polished by hand.
  • Individual quality control measures are implemented at all stages of restoration.

*Damage caused by accident, negligence or misuse is excluded from the guarantee.

Why do I need to restore my jewellery?

Everyday wear can take its toll on stones and precious metals, causing scratches and dulling their shine. We use the finest jewellers and the latest state of the art equipment to return your treasured items to pristine condition. Our team draw upon vast knowledge and experience to offer a variety of services.

  • Diamond and gemstone resetting and replacement.
  • Tightening of gemstones, professional deep clean and polish.
  • Repairs and replacements to catches, shanks, settings and clasps.

All repairs are guaranteed for 12 months*.

This covers workmanship of the repair and applies from the time your repaired item is returned to you.

Does my white gold need re-plating?

Everyday wear can take its toll on jewellery that cause scratches and dullness.

If you have purchased a piece of jewellery in white gold, it would more than likely be rhodium plated when new.

However, white gold does not have to be rhodium plated. Historically, white gold was plated in rhodium because the first white gold alloys were not very successful. However white gold that is now available are a lovely colour that does not have to be plated to appear white in tone. If you compare natural, non-plated white gold side by side to palladium, platinum or rhodium plated gold, you will see a difference. But individually, natural white gold will appear white. 9ct white gold has a slightly creamier, golden hue. 18ct white gold is darker, almost gunmetal in tone. Both these warm white tones can suit a lot of skin tones better than the stark, icy cool white of platinum, so it is always worth trying them all on before making your final decision on metal.

If you prefer the original brilliant white lustre of your white gold jewellery, it will need to be rhodium plated. Rhodium is a rare precious metal that does not tarnish, hence the bright white colour. It's not commonly used for solid pieces of jewellery, because it is very difficult to manufacture, but it's used for plating and detail work on other items.

The plating process involves a lot of chemical preparation, including several rinses in distilled water before placing the jewellery in a tank. Electricity runs through the tank, fusing rhodium to the surface of your item.

Aside from maintaining your item's colour, rhodium plating can help protect from scratches and dents. In addition, some individuals are highly sensitive to nickel, which is a metal used to make white gold. Rhodium is a hypoallergenic metal, so will prevent allergy reactions from occurring.

How long will rhodium plating last?

Rhodium plating usually lasts from six months to even a few years, depending on the amount of usage, the type of item, and your own lifestyle. For example, rhodium plating on rings will wear off more quickly than other items such as necklaces or earrings. This is because rings are worn on the hand, and the amount of surfaces you touch on a daily basis will rub away the plating over time.