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Elevate your style with pendant or necklace. Our exquisite selection features fine craftsmanship and ethically-sourced gemstones. From everyday pieces to sparkling lab diamond, premium moissanite and coloured gemstone pieces, this collection of pendants and necklaces include gorgeous styles fit for every occasion.


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Luxury Diamond, Semi Precious Gemstone & Moissanite Necklaces & Pendants

Welcome to our exquisite collection of pendants and necklaces. Each piece is meticulously designed and handcrafted to perfection, using only the finest materials and ethically sourced gemstones. We are committed to sustainability and take pride in using 100% recycled gold and ethically sourced platinum in our creations.

Our lab grown diamond pendants showcase the timeless beauty and brilliance of the gemstone. From classic solitaires to intricate designs, every pendant is expertly crafted to enhance the natural allure of diamonds. We offer a range of carat sizes and shapes, allowing you to find the perfect piece that reflects your personal style.

For those seeking a more alternative gemstone, our moissanite pendants offer a stunning alternative to diamonds. Known for their exceptional fire and brilliance, moissanite gemstones are perfect for those who desire a unique and eco-friendly option. Each pendant is designed to showcase the moissanite's radiance and captivate attention.

The gemstones used in our moissanite pendant & necklace collection are set with the Ethica Diamond®, our signature gemstone, grown using exclusive patented technology. Diamond is infused to the premium moissanite (silicon carbide) on a molecular level, resulting in a gemstone that has more fire and brilliance than diamond and is also durable and strong. They are also made to a consistent high grade, VVS1 clarity, D-E colour. And that's not all, just like diamond, each gemstone above 0.35 carats come with a full independent grading certificate from the IGI or GRI.

The Ethica Diamond® is the finest quality moissanite that is currently available on the market that is produced under patented technology and certified by a trusted third party.

In addition to diamonds and Moissanite, our collection also includes coloured gemstone pendants and pretty necklaces. From vivid sapphires to rich emeralds and softer sapphire tones, these gemstones add a pop of colour and vibrancy to any outfit.

Whether you are looking for an everyday piece or a statement necklace for a special occasion, our collection has something to suit every style and taste. From delicate chains with dainty pendants to bold, eye-catching designs, our necklaces complement any outfit and are perfect for layering or wearing on their own.

Browse our collection online or visit our store to explore our range of luxury lab diamond, moissanite, and coloured gemstone pendants and necklaces. Each piece is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and timeless beauty, making them a treasured addition to any jewellery collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best diamond carat weight for a solitaire pendant?

The ideal or most desirable carat size for a solitaire pendant is subjective and depends on personal preference and budget. Some people prefer a smaller carat size for a more delicate and understated look, while others may prefer a larger carat size for a more eye-catching and bold statement.

The most popular carat sizes for solitaire diamond pendants are between to 1-2 carats. However, as lab diamonds are more affordable now than ever before, we see more people going bigger because they desire a more substantial and noticeable pendant.

Ultimately, the ideal carat size for a solitaire pendant is a personal choice based on individual preferences and circumstances.

Our expert concierge team can help you choose the most suitable carat weight option and help you with other factors too such as colour, clarity and diamond shape.

What is the most popular shape for a diamond pendant?

The most popular shape for a diamond pendant can vary depending on current trends and personal preferences. However, some of the popular diamond shapes for pendants include:

1. Round Brilliant Diamond Pendant: The round brilliant shape is a timeless and classic choice for diamond pendants. Its symmetrical shape and excellent cut maximise the diamond's brilliance and sparkles.

2. Princess Cut Diamond Pendant: The princess cut, which is a square or rectangular shape with pointed corners, is also a popular choice for diamond pendants. It offers a modern and edgy look.

3. Cushion Cut Diamond Pendant: The cushion cut, with its romantic and vintage appeal, is another popular shape for diamond pendants. It has rounded corners and larger facets, giving it a soft and elegant look.

4. Pear Shape Diamond Pendant: The pear-shaped diamond, resembling a teardrop, is a unique and eye-catching choice for a pendant. It offers a combination of a round and marquise shape, creating a distinctive look.

5. Marquise Cut Diamond Pendant: The marquise-cut diamond has an elongated shape with pointed ends, giving the illusion of longer and slimmer fingers. It can also make a striking statement as a pendant.

These are just a few examples, and the most popular shape for a diamond pendant can vary based on individual preferences and trends. It's important to choose a shape that you find visually appealing and suits your personal style.

Can you design a diamond necklace for me?

Yes! We can create bespoke jewellery that is unique to you. Whether you want to design your own pendant or necklace from scratch or put your own stamp on an existing design, our friendly and knowledgeable team are here to make it happen.

The chain and setting will be crafted from your preferred metal choice, such as 18k white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. Each option offers a unique aesthetic and durability.

Carat weight: The size of the diamond or gemstone is a personal preference. Depending on your budget and desired size, we can explore these options with you during a no obligation appointment. 

Is a longer or shorter necklace better?

The length of a necklace depends on personal preference and the style or occasion it is being worn for.

Additionally, the length of a necklace can also depend on the wearer's body type. For example, shorter necklaces may be more flattering for individuals with shorter necks or petite frames, as they can help create the illusion of a longer neck. On the other hand, longer necklaces may be more suitable for individuals with longer necks or taller frames.

Additionally, the length of a necklace can also depend on the neckline of the outfit you are wearing. For example, a shorter necklace may be more suitable for a high neckline, as it won't compete with the fabric. On the other hand, a longer necklace can be a great option for a low neckline, as it can help fill the empty space and add visual interest.

It's also worth considering the style and statement you want to make with your necklace. A longer necklace can be a bold and eye-catching statement piece, but may get in the way and get knocked if it is worn everyday, while a shorter necklace can be more delicate and understated.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the length of a necklace. It's a matter of personal preference, style, and the overall look you want to achieve.

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