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Jewellery Financing

At Ethica, we realise investing in your dream piece of jewellery can be daunting. It is important to us that every part of your journey with us feels personal. We can help with the best option for financing your next piece of fine jewellery.

Flexible Payment Options

We love being part of all your biggest moments and when it comes to buying an engagement ring it’s all about the little details. By getting these right, we know that you’ll choose the ring they’ll treasure for a lifetime – because if it means the world to you, it does to us too.




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Bank Transfer





Jewellery Financing & Payment Plans

What payment plan options do you offer?

Checkout With PayPal
Complete your Ethica Diamonds purchase using information from your PayPal account.

Checkout With Apple Pay
Complete your Ethica Diamonds purchase on our mobile site using your Apple Pay account.

Interest Free Options

Klarna - Pay in 3
Split your purchases into 3 interest-free monthly payments. The first payment is made at the point of purchase, with the remaining payments scheduled automatically every 30 days. Your payments are automatically withdrawn from your connected card or bank account according to the agreed payment schedule, but you can make early payments anytime you wish.

Klarna - Pay in 30
Make a purchase and wait for it to be delivered before paying. You only have to pay for what you keep.

Humm is an innovative interest free payment solution that allows you to buy now and pay later. It provides a flexible and convenient way for you to spread the cost of your purchases over time, making it easier for you to manage your budget.
With Humm you can get up to £3,000 and split your repayments over a 3, 6 or 12 month period.

Bank Transfer (BACS)
Ethica Diamonds will give you the account information you will need to provide to your bank in order to transfer funds from your account directly to our Ethica Diamonds account. It may take a few days for your bank to process the bank transfer. Once your bank has transferred the funds, Ethica Diamonds is immediately notified, you will receive a confirmation, and your order is processed. Order times may vary based on receipt of bank wire payment. If you have any questions about the process involved in a bank transfer, contact your bank or call Ethica Diamonds on 01872 222248.

Credit Cards
We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Ethica Diamonds also offers layaway payments for both UK and international customers

Items will be held for up to 12 months from the initial date of sale. 

If before the end of the stated layaway period, the goods have for any reason become no longer available in the same condition as at the time of the sale, Ethica Diamonds will refund any deposits or payments made under this layaway transaction. 

Ethica Diamonds layaway purchases require an initial deposit of 20% of the purchase price.

Layaway purchases require a regular minimum payment on the 1st or the 15th of every month after the initial deposit as agreed with our customer service team. Minimum monthly payment is either a) 5% of the total order value or b) £100, whichever is lower in value. Customers may make an additional or larger payment at any time.

Layaway orders must be paid in full within 12 months from the original date of purchase. For orders not paid in full after 12 months, Ethica Diamonds reserves the right to discontinue the hold on the layaway merchandise.

The layaway deposit may be refunded or applied toward an exchange item within 30 days of purchase, with the exception of custom designed, custom engraved, modified merchandise, or special orders which are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Layaway payments are non-refundable after 30 days from the initial purchase date. Should customers need to cancel their layaway purchase before shipment and after the 30 days from the initial purchase date, a restocking fee of 20% of the full purchase price will be deducted from the amount paid, with the remaining balance to be applied as store credit.

Layaway ring orders, with the exception of custom designed, custom engraved, modified, or special orders which are nonrefundable and non-exchangeable, may be resized within 30 calendar days of the ring being shipped from Ethica Diamonds.

Other Options
If you would like to finalise your purchase using multiple credit cards or a combination of payment methods, please call us on 01872 222248.

What is layaway?

Layaway is an instalment-based payment plan that allows you to pay for your jewellery over a period of weeks or months. Instead of paying for your purchase after you receive it, you can make layaway payments before you receive your purchase.

Can you do a payment plan for an engagement ring?

Yes, you can select a payment plan for an engagement ring if you would prefer to pay it off over time. Review our financing options or contact our customer service team to see which plan might be the right fit for you.

What do I do if my credit application is declined?

If your application was declined, your lender may be unable to give you specific reasons why. Lenders use information from your credit report, alongside your income and expenditure data to make a lending decision. If you feel that there has been a mistake, please contact your lender – their contact details will appear on the email informing you that your application was declined.

You can also contact the Credit Reference Agencies if there is a mistake on your credit report:


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0% Interest Free with Klarna

Offering more flexibility to you, Klarna allows you to place your order today and to pay for it over time, interest free. This means that you can receive your chosen purchase and start to enjoy it in your home, without considering payment until later; either in three instalments or in full 30 days later.

Klarna FAQ's

Who is Klarna?

Klarna is a Swedish payment service provider that takes end-to-end responsibility for your payment.

Klarna is the provider of smooth payments to more than 200,000 online stores.

Over 85 million consumers worldwide have trusted Klarna to securely handle their payments.

Will a credit search take place against me?

Klarna may run so-called unrecorded enquiries (or soft credit searches) that do not affect credit scoring and are only visible to you and Klarna, but not visible to other lenders.

Neither Klarna nor Ethica Diamonds run credit searches against you that could impact your credit rating.

I have been asked to go to the Klarna site. Is this correct?

If you have chosen to Pay later in 30 days, Klarna will send you an email with further details on how to pay.

Your email will contain a link to Klarna where you can settle your payment with your credit or debit card.

You are always able to view payments instructions in the Klarna app.

What do I need to provide when I make a purchase?

If you want to make a purchase with Klarna you need to provide your name, address and email address.

For some orders you may need to provide your mobile number or date of birth, too.

All information will be sent to your email address, including payment reminders and links to your online statements.

It's very important that you give us the correct details, as otherwise you will not receive the payment information.

Is my payment information safe?

Payment information is processed securely by Klarna.

No card details are transferred to or held by Ethica Diamonds.

All transactions take place via connections secured with the latest industry standard security protocols.

Can I pay before due date?

You can pay for your order at any point after you receive the email from Klarna with the details of your payment on.

Just follow the instructions on this email or in the Klarna app to pay for your order.

Have you received my payment?

If you pay by card, Ethica Diamonds will confirm your order right away.

If paying by Pay later in 30 days, Klarna will send you a payment confirmation to the email address that you have used for your order.

If you have made a payment but not received the payment confirmation, you can always check the status of your order and payments by logging in to the Klarna app

I have asked for a refund. How will I be refunded?

If you have paid for your order with a card, the refund will be made back to the same card.

If you have not paid the statement yet, then the refund will reduce the statement or cancel it completely.

I haven’t received an email with my statement/payment information, why?

If you do not have your statement number to hand you can log into the Klarna app or at, where you will find all of your orders and be able to make payments.

Legal bit

Klarna's Pay in 3 instalments and Pay in 30 days credit agreements are not regulated by the FCA. Use of these and any missed payments may affect your ability to obtain credit from Klarna and other lenders. 18+, UK residents only. Subject to status. T&Cs apply.

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0 % Interest Free with Humm

Humm allows you to apply for upto £3,000 and pay for your order over a 12 month period, interest free. This means that you can receive your chosen purchase, without considering payment until later; either in 3, 6, 9 or 12 month instalments.

Humm FAQ's

Who is humm?

humm Group Limited is an Australia-based company, which provides consumer finance products, credit cards, and point-of-sale finance plans designed around the core needs of today’s shoppers, retailers, and small to medium enterprises.

How do I apply for humm?

Visit and login or sign up for an account, or just simply apply for an amount to spend with humm.

You could receive an answer in as little as 5 minutes.

How do I make my purchase using humm?

You will need to have an approved amount to spend with humm (which you can apply for at

You will then choose to pay with humm at the point of purchase and will be guided through the requirements to set up your Fixed Sum Loan and set up the repayments for the loan. You may be required to make the first payment at the time of purchase. The card you use to make this payment will then be used for the recurring payments to service the Loan Agreement.

Can I pay my humm plan early?

Yes, you can pay your plan off early without any additional fees or charges. You will only pay the balance owing (including interest, if any) up until the point of closure. You can make additional payments at any time, and you can do this as often as you like – simply log in to your online customer portal (you will have received an email about logging in when you made your purchase), and clicking on your agreement number, and click making a “One-Off Payment”.

What about if I return my goods I have purchased using humm?

If you need to return the goods, you do this through the normal merchant process. The merchant will then cancel the purchase, and this will process a cancellation of your loan agreement. The cancellation of the agreement will process a refund of any sums paid back to your bank card.

What happens if I miss a payment?

You can make a manual payment through your customer portal or using the quick pay link that you will receive by SMS on the due date when the payment has been declined. If no manual payment is made on the due date and the payment on the due date was declined by your Bank due to insufficient funds, humm will process a retry for the payment amount on the following day automatically around 7am. If the payment is still outstanding after the first retry then humm will levy a one off €9 late fee and will be due to be paid in addition to the monthly payment amount. If no manual payment is made during a day, humm will continue to retry for the payment plus one off fee daily for a period of 27 days.If the card for payments on file has expired, damaged and replaced, or been reported lost stolen, you will need to update the card details and make a manual payment.

Please go to My Portal Questions on the humm website here for more information. In these circumstances no late fee is applicable. If you are experiencing temporary or longer-term financial difficulties, please email humm at providing all relevant details of your circumstances and they will work with you to manage the situation.