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Shop sustainable & ethical unisex wedding bands, hand-crafted with a choice of ethically sourced platinum and 100% recycled yellow, rose or white gold. We are also a Fairtrade registered jeweller, which guarantees the gold is responsibly-sourced.


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Classic Wedding Rings For Men & Women

Say ‘I do’ with one of our classic ethical wedding bands, made with sustainable recycled or Fairtrade gold or platinum. Be proud to wear your wedding ring every day, knowing that it has been crafted from carefully selected recycled and Fairtrade sources to support a more sustainable jewellery industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a plain wedding band instead of one that has gemstones?

A plain wedding band is a simple and classic ring design that does not feature any additional embellishments or stones. It is typically made from a single metal. At Ethica we offer fully recycled, Fairtrade, or otherwise sustainably sourced 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold, 18k white gold, or platinum 950.

Many people prefer the timeless elegance and versatility of a plain wedding band. It is a minimalistic and understated choice that can complement any engagement ring or be worn alone as a pure symbol of the love between you and your partner. Plain wedding bands are also suitable for both men and women, so if you and your partner wish to have matching wedding bands, a plain wedding ring is the ideal choice! They come in various sizes and widths to accommodate different finger sizes and styles.

A plain wedding band may also be more affordable than something with a more complex design involving gemstones and extra craftsmanship. This is great if you are on a budget and do not want to buy a ring or pair of rings that will break the bank. Instead, go with something classic, elegant, and timeless!

What happens if my ring is the wrong size?

At Ethica, we offer a complimentary standard resize on all of our engagement rings over £2000 within 30 days of purchase.  We also have a resize service which costs £125, which includes insured postage back to you. So, if your ring is turns out to be the wrong size, we can make it larger or smaller for you within a few sizes.

However, to give your ring the best chance of arriving in the right size, it is good to be sure that you are buying the correct sized ring for you or your partner's finger. We can send you a free ring sizer in the post which is helpful, but this is only a guide.

Can I get my plain wedding band engraved?

Yes, we offer engraving on wedding rings which you can choose from the product page when you are shopping. The cost is £85 and we recommend no more than 15 characters for engraving on standard sized rings. Please get in touch to request this service if you can't see it listed on the product that you wish to purchase. 

If you wish to add engraving at a later date, we can also easily arrange this for you.

Please note that engraved rings are excluded from our returns policy and therefore cannot be returned or exchanged.

Should I wear my wedding band alone or with my engagement ring?

Many people choose to wear a plain wedding band as a standalone ring. It can serve as a symbol of commitment and can be worn on its own for a simple and understated look. Plain bands are also a popular choice for those who work with their hands or prefer a minimalistic style since they are more suitable for everyday wear.

If you would like to wear your wedding ring with another ring such as an eternity ring or engagement ring it is important to consider what metals you are putting together. If the rings are of differing metal types and karat weights then you will find that one ring will begin to damage and wear away the other. If both rings are made of the same quality materials or have been designed to be worn together then you have the freedom to wear as many rings together as you like!

Whether you wear your plain wedding band as a standalone ring or stacked with other rings is really a matter of personal choice. You might prefer the simple and subtle practicality of wearing just your wedding band, or you may want to add a bit of flair with another kind of ring. The choice is yours!

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