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Our Founder

"Ethica Diamonds started as a passion project and to this day, nothing has changed. I wanted to educate a fresh and forward-thinking approach to help shift the long engrained social norms around diamond jewellery shopping which often involves how much you think you should spend and how much your purchase might gain in value in the future.

I believe that the importance for such a meaningful purchase, especially as it is gifted from the heart, should be focussed on whether it is free from any human suffering or environmental harm during its production.

I wanted to show people that there is a kinder, more meaningful way to buy diamond jewellery, without compromising on quality or ethics"

Elaine x

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Our Mission

Starting out as a one-woman band and later joined by her daughter Emily, Ethica Diamonds was created with conscious thoughtful consideration. “People over profit” with growth never coming at the expense of positive working conditions or protecting the environment.

Our mission is to source the most sustainable materials using ethical manufacturing practices to create exceptional fine jewellery and deliver a meticulous five-star customer experience.

We aim to be as sustainable as possible, operating in a considered way that balances the economic, social and environmental aspects of our operations & following ESG recommendations.
We carefully select diamond growers who use 100% solar electricity and are Sustainably Rated. Any other Green House Gas (GHG) emissions are offset as per the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.
We only sell diamonds grown above ground and use suppliers with the highest ethical values to be guaranteed conflict-free.
Founded in 2010, Ethica Diamonds started as a passion project to teach consumers about a kinder & more ethical way to buy fine jewellery. To this day, nothing has changed!
We are proud to be a female founded and led business. We prioritise empathy and inclusivity and promote a supportive and safe work place.
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Our Team

Ethica Diamonds is so proud to be a female founded and led business. Our team is diverse, creative and committed to making the brand as ethical and eco-friendly as possible. On a journey together, every member of our team, past and present, has made an immeasurable impact on Ethica Diamonds.

As women gain more power and influence in the world of business, they bring with them fresh ideas, innovation and an abundance of soft skills which gives us great advantage when it comes to creativity and empathy.

Inclusion and diversity are still some of the broader issues in the world of business and the diamond industry has historically been a male dominated environment. The more women find routes into this corporate sector and progress through it, the more representation there is. As a result, the more role models and inspirational women in business there are, the more appealing the industry becomes to others.

Our guiding commitments are to the planet and its people, embracing traditional techniques with a modern world view, jewellery mindfully made and available to everyone, every day.

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Workaholic menopausal warrior, would like to be green fingered, loves wine, cooking & tries to keep fit!

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Extremely dedicated fitness junkie, nut butter & health food fanatic! Emily is our office trouble shooter & sustainability guru.

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Ethica's in house arty nerd, expert photographer & weird flavoured coffee enthusiast! Sophie creates & manages almost everything visual.

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Shopaholic, Cornwall’s glam mermaid & boujee bargain hunter, Olivia is our "meet & greet" engagement and wedding ring expert.