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Where Cornish coastlines meet timeless elegance. Delicate jewellery designs, featuring ethically sourced semi precious gemstones, carbon neutral lab diamonds, and 100% recycled gold, echo the beauty of our land and sea. Wear a piece of Cornwall and support local charities with every purchase*.


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The Senara Collection - Jewellery Inspired By Cornwall

The Senara collection is a celebration of true femininity in all its beauty, resilience and strength. 

Senara, a Cornish girl's name meaning ‘light’, is associated with the Mermaid of Zennor.

Combining design motifs of triangles, flowers, and thorns with gemstones which reflect the colours of our Cornish coastline, the collection is crafted to express the elegance, independence, and confidence of its wearers whilst connecting us to our beautiful land.

The jewellery in this collection upholds the Ethica ethos of sustainability by using ethically sourced coloured gemstones, sustainably grown, carbon neutral, lab diamonds, and 100% recycled gold.

* 10% of profits will be shared equally between the Cornwall Air Ambulance and Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about The Senara Collection ?

The Senara Collection is a gorgeous selection of sophisticated jewellery set with lab grown diamonds and semi precious gemstones inspired by and celebrating our Cornish heritage here at Ethica Diamonds.

Pear cut green amethyst and lab grown diamonds feature prominently and exaggerate its amalgamation of feminine curves and pointy edges to create a gorgeous selection of jewellery.

It includes sets of rings, necklaces or pendants, and earrings which exude strength and femininity in a mix of rounded lines, bold shapes, and the recurring motif of triangles representing mind, body, and soul.

Encompassed by the Cornish legend of the Mermaid of Zennor, this collection is for anyone who wishes to combine sustainable and responsible jewellery with beauty and power.

What jewellery is suitable for sensitive skin?

All of the jewellery included in The Senara Collection is ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. Every piece is hypoallergenic since the metal used is solid and not plated. This means there is no nickel, cobalt, zinc, or copper present that will create irritation as the jewellery is worn over time. The appearance of your Senara jewellery will remain as bright and beautiful as the day you buy it with proper maintenance will remain gentle on your skin.

The use of solid metal rather than plated metal also means our Senara Collection is water resistant and waterproof so is suitable for everyday wear in all weathers or if submerged in water. Your jewellery will remain gorgeous and undamaged in such conditions with the appropriate care.

We use solid 100% recycled, fairtrade, or otherwise ethically obtained gold in every piece of Senara jewellery as well as completely carbon neutral lab grown diamonds or ethically sourced semi precious gemstones.

Are semi precious gemstones valuable?

Semi precious gemstones are an amazing way to add style and flair to any piece of jewellery. Their wide ranging bold colours can complement any look and have the ability to captivate anyone who glimpses them.

Semi precious gemstones have classically held less value than precious gems while still holding a high value. Today, there are many semi precious gems that are valued more highly than various precious gemstones! Some might argue that the reason for this is the commercialisation of precious and semi precious stones, but regardless, it is safe to say that yes, semi precious gems are valuable.

In The Senara Collection, we use a variety of semi precious gemstones alongside lab diamond including:

Blue Topaz - A very abundant semi precious stone which comes in a variety of different colour intensities. It is thought to improve focus and concentration.

Green Amethyst - Transparent green quartz traded under the name Green Amethyst which is formed when Brazilian amethyst is heat treated. Said to be soothing and strengthening of physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Lemon Quartz - Quartz which has been treated with gamma radiation to give it a bright lemon colour. Lemon quartz is a semi precious gemstone of memory and wisdom which aids in removing distractions.

Why choose coloured gemstones?

There are several reasons why you should choose coloured gemstones in jewellery:

Variety - Coloured gemstones offer a wide range of colours and hues, in a range of intensities allowing for greater variety and customisation within jewellery designs. Each gemstone has its own unique colour and characteristics, making it possible to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

Express individual style - Coloured gemstones offer a unique way to express individual style and personality through jewellery. Whether it's a birthstone, a favourite colour, or a gemstone with special meaning or symbolism, wearing coloured gemstones allows individuals to showcase their personal taste and preferences.

Value - Coloured gemstones can be a more affordable alternative to diamonds and other precious gemstones. Depending on the type and quality of the gemstone, they can offer good value for money and allow individuals to own a beautiful and valuable piece of jewellery without breaking the bank.

Special occasions - Coloured gemstones are often used to mark special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or milestones. Birthstones, for example, are traditionally associated with each month and are often used to create meaningful and personalised jewellery pieces.

Symbolism and Meaning - Many coloured gemstones are associated with specific meanings and symbolism. For instance, sapphires are often associated with wisdom and loyalty, while emeralds represent hope and renewal. By choosing a specific gemstone, individuals can imbue their jewellery with deeper meaning and significance.

Versatility - Coloured gemstones can be used in a variety of jewellery designs and styles. They can be set as a focal point in a statement ring or pendant or used as accent stones in a more subtle and delicate piece. Their versatility allows for endless possibilities in terms of design and creativity.

Overall, coloured gemstones offer a unique and beautiful alternative to traditional diamond jewellery. They allow for customisation, expression of individual style, and the opportunity to create meaningful and special pieces of jewellery.

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