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Sometimes less is more... delicate, understated and refined, this pretty dainty jewellery collection has something for every occasion. From diamond dusted stacking rings to subtle Art Deco inspired Huggie Hoop earrings, these refined treasures speak volumes in their simplicity.


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Dainty, Delicate or Petite Diamond Jewellery

Indulge in the understated allure of dainty and delicate diamond jewellery, where every shimmering facet whispers tales of elegance and refinement. Each piece in this exquisite collection is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, intricately designed to captivate with its graceful charm. From petite pendants adorned with glistening diamonds to intricately set stacking rings that sparkle with every movement, these treasures are perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of subtle sophistication. Whether worn as a dazzling stand alone piece or layered for a more elaborate look, our dainty diamond jewellery promises to adorn every moment with timeless glamour and grace.

Browse our Dainty Diamond Jewellery Collection where lab-grown diamonds take center stage in every creation. Our lab-grown diamonds boast a twinkling brilliance and radiance that is identical to their natural counterparts, with exactly the same physical, chemical, and optical properties. They offer the same allure without the social and environmental toll of mining. Our lab-grown diamond pendants feature high-grade E-F colour and VS clarity stones, with the majority sustainably cultivated using renewable energy sources. Committed to ethical sourcing, we offer options in 100% recycled or Fairtrade gold, as well as responsibly sourced gold and platinum metals to complement our dazzling diamond creations.

Dainty Jewellery by its' nature is more delicate than other options so certain care needs to be taken to ensure its' longevity. Luckily with our exceptional aftercare you are in very safe hands and can be assured that your beautiful jewellery will stand the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dainty jewellery suitable for everyday wear?

A lot of dainty jewellery available from other jewellers can lack structural integrity, so care needs to be taken when looking for more delicate and dainty styles. This is because dainty pieces typically have thinner bands of metal and delicate prongs that hold the diamonds in place. These thin and delicate features can be more prone to bending, breaking, or getting snagged.

At Ethica, we make sure that our collection of dainty designs still have structural integrity, such as deeper metal backs (not necessarily wider) and solid settings so they can be worn with more confidence. We still recommend that you are mindful of a few things for proper care. 

1. Remove the piece when engaging in activities that may put it at risk, such as heavy lifting, gardening, or going to the gym/sports.

2. Avoid wearing your jewellery while doing household chores that involve chemicals or abrasive substances.

3. Clean the piece regularly using mild soap, warm water, and a soft brush to remove dirt and debris that can cause the gemstones to look dull or the metal to tarnish.

4. Store the jewellery in a safe and secure place, such as a jewellery box or pouch, when not being worn to protect it from scratches or accidental damage.

Overall, while dainty jewellery may have a higher risk of damage, proper care and maintenance can help minimise these risks and ensure that your piece remains beautiful and intact for years to come. It is also important to note that the susceptibility to damage depends on the individual item's design and the wearer's lifestyle.

Is Dainty jewellery fashionable?

Yes, absolutely. Delicate jewellery collections are very much in high demand at the moment.

Dainty jewellery's popularity stems from several factors aligned with contemporary lifestyles and fashion trends. Firstly, its delicate and minimalist designs resonate with the current preference for understated elegance and simplicity. In an era where less is often considered more, dainty jewellery offers a subtle yet sophisticated way to accessorize, complementing various outfits and occasions without overwhelming them.

Moreover, the rise of social media platforms has contributed to the popularity of dainty jewellery, as these platforms showcase a plethora of influencers and celebrities adorning themselves with delicate pieces. This exposure has fueled a desire for similar styles among consumers, driving the demand for dainty jewellery.

Additionally, dainty jewellery's versatility plays a significant role in its popularity. The subtle nature of these pieces allows for effortless layering and stacking, empowering individuals to express their personal style through curated combinations of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. This adaptability makes dainty jewellery appealing to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Furthermore, the growing emphasis on sustainability and ethical consumption has prompted many consumers to opt for dainty jewellery crafted from responsibly sourced materials, such as recycled metals and lab-grown diamonds. The combination of ethical considerations with elegant design further enhances the appeal of dainty jewellery in today's conscientious consumer landscape.

To surmise, making a choice from our Dainty Jewellery collection is bound to be well received. Either as a gift to a loved one or a gift for yourself. Choose a timeless, ethical and versatile piece that you will always treasure.

What materials are used to create your dainty jewellery collection?

100% Recycled or Fairtrade gold as well as responsibly sourced gold and platinum is at the heart of our dainty jewellery collection. We are committed to ethical sourcing and our metals are at the forefront of this promise.

Any sparkle you see will be either from our Lab Grown Diamonds or from our Ethica Diamond®. Our lab-grown diamonds boast a twinkling brilliance and radiance that is identical to their natural counterparts, with exactly the same physical, chemical, and optical properties. They offer the same allure without the social and environmental toll of mining. Our lab-grown diamonds are all high-grade E-F colour and VS clarity stones.

Some of our Dainty pieces will be set with the Ethica Diamond, our signature gemstone. These gems offer the same toughness and longevity as diamonds and have the additional benefit of being considerably less expensive. They are also independently certified, to international standards by the GRI or IGI.  

Ethica Diamonds are produced using an exclusive patented technology and made from premium grade moissanite with a lab diamond infusion. They are cut and fully faceted to exact diamond proportions and posess incredible depth and realism, radiating sparkle and brilliance comparable to the most expensive diamonds that will last forever.
We stock these stones at consistent E colour, VVS1 clarity and excellent cut so all Ethica Diamonds have these specifications. 

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