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Collection: Hidden Halo Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Collection

Our range of lab diamond hidden halo engagement rings are the perfect choice for those seeking a subtle yet luxurious design. This pretty collection is set with the highest grade VVS1 D-F colour lab grown diamonds.


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Hidden Halo Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

A hidden halo engagement ring is the perfect choice for those seeking something special and luxurious. Hidden halo engagement rings feature a hidden row of smaller diamonds or gemstones beneath the centre stone, adding a subtle sparkle from the side and enhancing the overall sublimity of the ring. This style strikes the perfect balance between contemporary glamour and classic elegance, creating the ultimate engagement ring that will turn heads time and time again. 

The hidden halo design is a relatively recent trend in the realm of engagement rings. It emerged as a way to give a stunning and unique twist to the traditional halo setting. By incorporating a hidden row of diamonds or gemstones, the ring achieves a multi-dimensional effect and offers a sense of surprise and intrigue, as the hidden row of stones is often only visible from certain angles or when the ring is viewed from the side. This creates a delightful and unexpected detail that sets the ring apart from more traditional halo designs.

Created with pavé set, ethically grown lab diamonds, the hidden halo elevates the ring setting, creating a special look that truly stands out. Some benefits and features of a hidden halo diamond engagement ring include:

1. Enhanced brilliance: The hidden halo design adds extra sparkle to the centre diamond, making it appear larger and more dazzling.

2. Unique and stylish: The hidden halo setting is a modern and trendy twist on the traditional halo design, making it a great choice for those who want a unique and eye-catching engagement ring.

3. Versatility: The hidden halo design can be customised to complement different diamond shapes and sizes, allowing for a personalised and individualised ring.

Overall, hidden halo diamond engagement rings offer a combination of elegance, uniqueness, and enhanced sparkle, making them a popular choice among celebrities and couples looking for a modern twist on traditional engagement rings.

Amongst the celebrities who have chosen hidden halo diamond engagement rings, some notable examples include Beyoncé, Blake Lively, Olivia Wilde, Hailey Bieber and Katherine Schwarzenegger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a hidden halo diamond engagement ring unique? 

A halo diamond engagement ring with a hidden halo is unique because it features a centre diamond surrounded by a "hidden halo" of smaller diamonds or gemstones that are only visible from particular angles when worn. This design creates a stunning and eye-catching effect. The hidden halo also adds extra sparkle and enhances the overall beauty of the ring. Additionally, these pretty designs are available in a variety of styles and can be customised with a coloured fancy diamond or hidden halo gemstones to fit the wearer's preferences, making each ring truly unique and special.

Is a hidden halo diamond engagement ring easy to pair with a wedding band?

Halo diamond engagement rings with a hidden halo look essentially like a solitaire (single diamond) from the top view, so they are extremely versatile and can easily pair with most standard wedding bands.  Similarly, a diamond set wedding band will give extra sparkle and brilliance to the overall look when both rings are worn together. It is also possible to find matching or coordinating wedding bands specifically designed to complement the size and shape of the hidden halo diamond engagement ring.
Ethica offers a stunning collection of bridal sets where the wedding ring is made to fit perfectly with the shape and design of the engagement ring, creating a cohesive and stunning bridal set.

Can you design a bespoke hidden halo engagement ring for me?

Yes! We can create bespoke jewellery that is unique to you. Whether you want to design your own piece of jewellery from scratch or put your own stamp on an existing design, our friendly and knowledgeable team are here to make it happen.

Schedule an appointment with our team who specialise in custom design. We will help you discuss your vision and preferences, including the desired centre diamond, metal, band style, and hidden halo diamonds. We will Work together to create a 3D rendering or sketch of the engagement ring concept and make any necessary adjustments or modifications until you are satisfied with the design.

Your bespoke halo engagement ring will be finalised and polished to perfection and will be presented to you in a beautiful box, ready for the perfect proposal.

Is a hidden halo diamond engagement ring a timeless design?

Yes, a hidden halo diamond engagement ring is considered a timeless design. The hidden halo adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the traditional halo or solitaire settings, making it a unique and enduring choice for an engagement ring. The hidden halo also creates a seamless and uninterrupted look, allowing the centre diamond to shine brightly while enhancing its overall appearance. This design is also versatile and can be paired with various band styles, making it a timeless and classic choice that will never go out of style.

Overall, with its timeless appeal, versatility, and enduring beauty, a hidden halo diamond engagement ring is a design that is likely to remain a cherished and stylish choice for many years to come.

Are there any risks in choosing a hidden halo diamond engagement ring?

Yes, there are a few risks to consider when choosing a hidden halo diamond engagement ring. While these risks exist, they can be mitigated with proper care and maintenance. Regular cleaning, routine inspections, and being cautious by removing your ring whilst doing physical activities can help minimise these factors.

1. Prong wear: If the halo diamonds of the ring are a little exposed, they can be prone to damage through daily wear and tear and catching on clothing. Since they are smaller and set in a more delicate way, they may be more susceptible to being knocked causing chipping or loosening.

2. Careful resizing: In case you want to resize the ring in the future, it can be more complicated and potentially costly with this style, especially if it also has diamonds set in the shoulders of the ring. Since there are more diamonds, resizing it could require additional work or even resetting the melée diamonds, as they can move ever so slightly within their setting.

4. Upkeep and maintenance: The intricate design of a hidden halo setting can make maintenance and cleaning slightly more challenging compared to a simple solitaire setting. The small stones in the halo can trap dirt and debris more easily, requiring professional regular cleaning. It's important to factor in the additional time and cost involved in maintaining the ring's sparkle and brilliance.The halo diamonds may also require regular maintenance and tightening to ensure they stay securely in place. It's essential to have the ring inspected periodically to address any potential issues proactively. Ethica offers a not for profit Ring Maintenance Service helping you keep your halo diamond ring in perfect condition.

What is a hidden halo setting, and how does it differ from a traditional halo?

Hidden Halo Engagement Ring:

This unique setting features a band of smaller diamonds strategically placed beneath the centre stone, often at an angle.

The halo remains hidden from a direct top-down view, only revealing its subtle sparkle when viewed from the side or at an angle. This creates a delicate and understated look, perfect for those who prefer a touch of surprise and elegance without overwhelming brilliance.

The hidden halo can also make the centre stone appear slightly larger, adding to its visual impact.

Traditional Halo Engagement Ring:

In contrast, a traditional halo setting features a complete circle of smaller diamonds fully encircling the centre stone.

This prominent halo is visible from all angles, maximising sparkle and creating a bold and glamorous statement.

It's ideal for those who love the dazzling effect and want their centre stone to take centre stage with undeniable brilliance.

Matching Your Style:

The choice between hidden and traditional halo settings ultimately depends on your personal preference:

Subtle Elegance: If you desire a subtle and elegant look with a hint of hidden sparkle, the hidden halo might be the perfect choice.

Bold Statement: If you crave maximum brilliance and a bold statement piece, the traditional halo would be a stunning option.


Hidden halos might be slightly easier to clean due to the less exposed diamonds underneath the centre stone. However, both settings require regular professional cleaning to maintain their brilliance.

What are the different centre stone shapes available in the Hidden Halo collection?

Here at Ethica Diamonds we understand the importance of personal expression so we offer a diverse range of centre stone shapes in our Hidden Halo collection:

Round Cut: The universally loved classic, known for its exceptional brilliance and "fire," perfectly complements the hidden halo's subtle sparkle.

Oval Cut: This elegant and elongated shape offers a flattering look on many finger types and creates a contemporary feel when paired with a hidden halo.

Princess Cut: A modern and geometric square shape, known for its sharp lines and brilliance, adds a touch of sophistication to the hidden halo design.

Cushion Cut: A romantic and vintage-inspired square shape with soft, rounded corners, offering a unique and timeless aesthetic when paired with a hidden halo.

Additional Shapes: We offer several other popular shapes like emerald, radiant, heart, and pear to cater to even more diverse preferences and creating truly unique bespoke engagement rings. To explore our collection visit our Hidden Halo Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Collection.

Does Ethica Diamonds offer any financing options for the Hidden Halo collection?

Yes! Ethica Diamonds offers financing options for all of our jewellery including the Hidden Halo collection. We are happy to make layaway payment plans with you and can suggest two options for financing:

Klarna: This allows you to split your purchase into 3 interest-free instalments or pay in full 30 days later. You can find more information about Klarna and their FAQ's on the Ethica Diamonds Jewellery Financing page.

Humm: This allows you to apply for a loan up to £3,000 and pay for your purchase over 12 months, interest-free. You can choose to pay in 3, 6, 9 or 12 monthly instalments. More information and FAQ's about Humm are also available on Ethica Diamonds' Jewellery Financing page.

For further details or any questions about specific financing options, you can contact us through our website.

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