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This collection of men's diamond rings are set with the highest quality VVS D-F colour lab grown diamonds. Ideal as a self purchasing gift, engagement or for everyday wear as a wedding ring.


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Men's Diamond Rings For Engagement, Wedding & Everyday Wear

Men's diamond rings can add a touch of elegance and luxury to everyday wear, as well as serve as a symbol of love and commitment for special occasions like engagements or weddings.

This stylish collection of men's diamond rings are crafted in a choice of 18k yellow, rose or white 100 % recycled gold or sustainably sourced 950 platinum. We have carefully selected the finest grade lab grown diamonds for this collection which are VVS clarity and a choice of D-F colour. All of these rings come with a full independent diamond grading report from theIGI.

For everyday wear, men often opt for more minimalist designs, such as a single diamond set in a plain or textured band. This allows for versatility and can easily be paired with both casual and formal attire. The size and cut of the diamond can vary depending on personal preference and budget.

Engagement or wedding diamond rings for men may have a more elaborate design, often featuring a larger diamond or multiple smaller diamonds set in a band. These rings can symbolise commitment and can be customised to match the style and preferences of the wearer.

This stunning collection of men's diamond rings has something for all preferences, but if you can't find the perfect design, we can semi customise one of our designs in this collection or design a fully bespoke men's diamond ring for you.

When choosing a men's diamond ring, it is important to consider factors such as the quality and clarity of the diamond (we only use the highest grade lab grown diamonds), the durability of the band material or precious metal, and the overall design. It is also essential to select the right finger size to ensure a comfortable fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay for men to wear a diamond ring?

Yes, it is perfectly okay for men to wear diamond rings. The concept that diamond rings are exclusively for women is a social construct, and there is no inherent gender associated with wearing diamonds. Men all over the world wear diamond rings for various reasons, including fashion, symbolising commitment, or as a personal statement of style. Ultimately, what matters is that the individual feels comfortable and confident in their choice of jewellery.

Do men like diamond wedding rings?

Yes, some men do like diamond wedding rings. Just like women, men have varying preferences when it comes to jewellery. While some may prefer more minimalist or traditional designs, others may appreciate the elegance and sparkle of diamond rings. Ultimately, it depends on an individual's personal style and taste. It's important to remember that there are no strict rules about gender and jewellery – everyone should feel free to wear what they like and what makes them feel good.

Is there a difference between a men's diamond engagement ring and a men's diamond wedding band?

There is typically no specific difference in style between a men's diamond engagement ring and a man's diamond wedding ring. The style of the ring depends on personal preference and can vary greatly.

Some men may prefer a more traditional and classic design, such as a solitaire diamond set in a plain or textured band. Others may opt for a more modern and unique style, such as a ring with multiple diamonds or a distinctive setting.

The choice of style often depends on factors such as personal taste, lifestyle, and cultural or religious traditions. Ultimately, both engagement and wedding diamond rings for men can be customised to reflect the individual's preferences and desired aesthetic. Whether it's a simple and understated design or a more elaborate and eye-catching style, the most important factor is that the ring resonates with the wearer and represents their commitment and personal style.
Ultimately, the style difference between a men's diamond engagement ring and a man's diamond wedding ring comes down to personal preference and the message one wants to convey. Engagement rings may be more extravagant and attention-grabbing, while wedding rings often lean towards a more subtle and timeless style.

Are rings attractive on men?

Yes, rings can be attractive on men. The attractiveness of a ring, however, is subjective and can vary depending on personal taste and style.

Some people may find that rings add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a man's overall appearance. Rings can be seen as accessories that can complement and enhance a man's outfit, especially if they are chosen to match his personal style and aesthetic.

Others may view rings on men as a symbol of confidence, individuality, and attention to detail. Men who wear rings may be perceived as thoughtful and fashion-forward, as they pay attention to the small details of their overall look.

Ultimately, attractiveness is a subjective concept and can vary from person to person. Some individuals may find rings attractive on men, while others may have different preferences. What matters most is that the individual wearing the ring feels comfortable and confident in their choice.

What does a man's engagement ring look like?

The engagement ring for men can vary depending on personal style and preference. Some popular designs for men's engagement rings include:

1. Band-style ring: This style features a simple and minimalist band, often crafted from precious metals including gold or platinum, without any diamonds or gemstones. It focuses on clean lines and a sleek design.

2. Solitaire diamond ring: Similar to women's engagement rings, men's solitaire diamond rings feature a single diamond set on the band. The diamond can be of varying sizes and cuts, depending on personal preference and budget. This design offers a classic and elegant look. Shoulder set diamond rings with chunkier bands can also be a good option.

3. Three-stone ring: This style features three stones set on the band, symbolising the past, present, and future. It can be diamonds or a combination of different gemstones. It conveys a sense of symbolism and meaning.

4. Signet ring: Traditionally, signet rings have been used to show family crest or initials. Nowadays, they can be customised with personal engravings or designs. It provides a personalised touch and can be a unique choice for an engagement ring.

Overall, men's engagement rings tend to prioritise simplicity, durability, and masculine aesthetics. However, individual preferences can vary, and there is a wide range of styles available to suit different tastes.

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