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A dazzling collection of gorgeously bold statement eternity rings, sparkling with passion and unique design. These ostentatious statement bands symbolise love, connection, and commitment as you and your partner mark significant events in your relationship and express them to the world.


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Eternity & Celebration Rings

Ethica’s statement eternity rings will elevate the story of love between you and your partner with their powerful and distinctive designs which draw attention to the connection you both have with each other. Their variable eye-catching styles are full of gravitas and sure to imbue their wearer with flair and individuality. 

Statement eternity rings are some of the most versatile rings you can buy. They can vary between making subtle statements to flamboyant showiness in a range of designs which make some rings suitable for special events and others for everyday wear. The reason for this flexibility in design is because statement eternity rings can represent an enormous range of moments in your romantic life. It may be a year anniversary, a milestone in your career, the moment you move in together, or just because. There is no event too small or too large, and a statement ring to suit every single one for you and your partner to celebrate in your romance.

Here at Ethica we also have options for customisation when it comes to total carat weight, band width, gemstone type, and stone colour. You and your partner can make our already highly stylistic designs even more unique to you as you select your ring to exhibit the passion which exists between you. Any one of our statement eternity rings is sure to draw awe and interest.

The lab grown diamonds which come as the standard stone setting in our statement eternity rings have the same properties as naturally grown diamonds except that they are a more sustainable and affordable option to natural diamonds. At Ethica Diamonds, all our lab diamonds are available with the finest quality VS1 clarity in E/F colour and are indistinguishable from naturally occurring diamonds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a statement eternity ring?

Statement eternity rings are a more bold and dramatic variation of traditional rings, eternity rings, engagement rings, or wedding rings. While traditional eternity rings feature a band adorned with diamonds or gemstones all the way around, statement eternity rings take it to the next level by showcasing larger, more eye-catching stones or a more intricate design. 

Statement eternity rings are rings that make an impact and have a much more versatile range of uses than just as a promise of engagement. They can be used as any proclamation of love, whether that is for a significant event like an anniversary, moving in together, birth etc. or just a promise of commitment and romance. 

Other eternity rings and traditional engagement rings tend to have a more understated and classic appearance while these rings are designed to be ostentatious and eye-catching. Perfect if you want to exude bold passion in what you were and the symbolism of love behind it.

What materials are used in a statement eternity rings?

Here at Ethica Diamonds we have a wide range of materials available in our statement eternity ring designs which can be customised according to preference. We use sustainable lab grown diamonds in a variety of total carat weights in VVS clarity and E, D, or F colour depending on your preference. We also have a range of metals available including fully recycled gold, fairtrade gold or otherwise ethically sourced gold and platinum. 

We also have a bespoke service available to customers who want to design their ring from scratch. We can create bespoke jewellery that is unique to you. Our skilled team is  friendly and knowledgeable and will help you to discover your vision and preferences, including the desired centre diamond or gemstone, accented diamonds or coloured gemstones, metal and band style.  We make a 3D rendering or sketch of your idea and make any necessary adjustments or modifications until you are satisfied. The finished product is polished to perfection and presented to you in a beautiful box.

Are statement eternity rings set with diamonds?

Our statement eternity rings can be set with lab grown diamonds or moissanite.

All of the diamonds sold at Ethica are sustainably lab grown diamonds which are identical to naturally occurring diamonds according to the FTC (Federal Trade of Commission) as “a mineral consisting essentially of pure carbon crystalised in the isometric system”. 

The difference between lab diamonds and naturally occurring diamonds is that lab diamonds are grown from the seed of a natural diamond in a laboratory and are considered a more sustainable option than natural diamonds which are mined from the earth.

Ethica’s lab grown diamonds are available in a stunning VVS clarity and in colours ranging from D, E, and F which can be selected when customising a ring of your choice or designing a bespoke ring. 

When designing a bespoke ring, we also have the Ethica Diamond available which is a moissanite with a diamond-like coating grown using patented technology which is more affordable than lab grown or naturally occurring diamonds but is comparable in appearance and durability. Our Ethica Diamonds come in a consistent E colour, VVS1 clarity and excellent cut.

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