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Discover everlasting love with our exquisite multi stone diamond rings, set with the highest grade certified lab grown diamonds. Crafted with excellence and sustainability at the heart, each ring tells a unique love story.


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Multi Stone Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Collection

Sometimes one diamond just isn’t enough! We have a lovely selection of multi stone lab diamond rings for those who want that extra bit of sparkle and interest. These rings are a great choice for everyday wear, eternity, celebration or even for a self purchase. Each piece is meticulously crafted to the highest standards of jewellery-making, ensuring exquisite quality and durability. Our collection includes classic three-stone designs, intricate cluster settings featuring more than three stones or the increasingly popular Toi-et-Moi (two stone) settings. Ethica are dedicated to maintaining sustainable practices to create luxury jewellery that is truly meaningful, aligning perfectly with your ethical values. 

Our multi-stone rings are set with high-quality gemstones, such as lab grown diamonds, lab grown sapphires, emeralds, or other precious man made gemstones, depending on the design. 

Whether you choose a classic or a more unique multi-stone design, our rings are sure to capture attention and bring joy to the wearer. We take pride in our craftsmanship and stand by the quality of our multi-stone rings, providing you with a durable and exquisite piece of jewellery that can be cherished for generations.

Due to the variety of multi-stone rings, you can have a really creative and unique design with various stone shapes, or you can keep it simple and understated, for a more subtle look.

The history of multi-stone diamond rings dates back to ancient times. In ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Rome, rings with multiple stones were often used as symbols of status and wealth.

However, the modern trend of multi-stone diamond rings as engagement rings can be traced back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. During this time, the popularity of diamond engagement rings began to rise, and jewellers started experimenting with different designs to make their rings stand out.

One of the earliest examples of multi-stone diamond rings is the trilogy ring, which features three diamonds set in a row. The trilogy ring became popular in the late 19th century and symbolised the past, present, and future of a couple's relationship.

Another influential design was the cluster diamond ring, which featured a group of smaller diamonds set closely together to create the appearance of a larger diamond. Cluster rings gained popularity in the early 20th century and were seen as a more affordable alternative to solitaire diamond rings.

In the 1930s and 1940s, Art Deco-inspired engagement rings became popular, featuring intricate geometric designs and multiple smaller diamonds or gemstones. These rings were characterised by their bold and symmetrical patterns.

Five stone rings are said to represent five qualities of a good relationship which are: Love, Commitment, Trust, Communication and Empathy.

Multi-stone rings also make a perfect anniversary gift. Each stone can symbolise a year of the relationship or marriage. 

Celebrities have also played a role in popularising multi-stone diamond rings. For example, the engagement rings of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian feature multiple diamonds or gemstones, inspiring others to choose similar designs.

Overall, the trend of multi-stone diamond rings in engagement rings has evolved over time, reflecting changes in design preferences and cultural influences. Today, these rings continue to be a popular choice for those looking for a unique and eye-catching ring to symbolise an engagement, anniversary or special celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a multi stone ring be an engagement ring?

While a multi-stone ring can be used as an engagement ring, it is not exclusively called an engagement ring. Traditionally, engagement rings featured a single diamond, often in a solitaire setting. However, modern engagement rings have evolved to include a variety of designs, including multi-stone rings, diamond accented rings and halo designs. These rings can feature multiple diamonds or gemstones in various settings, creating a unique and eye-catching look.

However, multi-stone rings can still be a great and more unique choice for engagement rings as they offer additional sparkle and visual interest. More traditionally, designs such as three-stone rings, which represent the past, present, and future of the relationship, and halo rings, where a centre stone is surrounded by a halo of smaller stones make for lovely engagement rings.

Ultimately, whether you choose a single stone or multi-stone ring as an engagement ring is a matter of personal preference. The most important aspect is that the ring symbolises the commitment and love between the couple.

What are multistone rings?

Overall, multi-stone rings offer an array of styles and possibilities to suit different tastes and preferences. From classic and timeless designs to more intricate and contemporary styles, there is an option for every individual's style and aesthetic that are suited for just about every occasion, symbolising special milestones in life. Some of the popular styles include:

1. Three-Stone Rings: Also known as trilogy rings, three-stone rings feature a centre stone flanked by two smaller stones on either side. This style is symbolic, representing the past, present, and future of a relationship. Three-stone rings can feature diamonds of the same shape or a combination of different shapes for added visual interest. These ring styles are often used for an engagement proposal or worn on the opposite hand just because it offers lots of extra sparkle. 

2. Halo Rings: Halo rings feature a centre stone surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds or gemstones. This design adds extra sparkle and creates the illusion of a larger centre stone. Halo rings are often used for an engagement proposal or cocktail ring worn for special occasions and can be designed with various diamond shapes and different halo designs, such as a single or double halo.

3. Cluster Rings: Cluster rings feature multiple smaller diamonds or gemstones grouped closely together to create the appearance of a larger, more substantial stone. Cluster rings can be designed in various shapes and arrangements, allowing for endless possibilities in terms of occasion, design and visual impact.

4. Side Stone Rings: Side stone rings feature a centre stone flanked by smaller accent diamonds or gemstones on the sides of the band. The side stones can be arranged in a variety of patterns, such as channel-set, pavé-set, or prong-set, adding additional sparkle and enhancing the overall design of the ring. These designs are often chosen as an eternity ring, to mark a special life milestone or simply a self purchasing diamond lover!

5. Eternity Rings: Eternity rings feature diamonds or gemstones set continuously around the entire band of the ring and tend to be of a similar size. Some people like to stack this sort of style if the band is thin enough to wear a few of them which can look really effective and others will choose this as a wedding band. Eternity rings can feature diamonds or gemstones that vary in size too, creating a captivating and luxurious look.

Can you design a bespoke multi stone lab diamond ring for me?

Yes! We can create - link -  [bespoke jewellery] that is unique to you. Whether you want to design your own multi stone ring from scratch or put your own stamp on an existing design, our friendly and knowledgeable team are here to make it happen.

Schedule an appointment with our team who specialise in custom design. We will help you discuss your vision and preferences, including the desired centre diamond or gemstone, accented diamonds or coloured gemstones if chosen, together with the metal and band style.  We will work together to create a 3D rendering or sketch of the ring concept and make any necessary adjustments or modifications until you are satisfied with the design.

Your bespoke multi stone diamond ring will be finalised and polished to perfection and will be presented to you in a beautiful box, ready for the perfect proposal.

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