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Look and feel amazing in a pair of sparkling lab diamond earrings. Crafted with only the finest recycled precious metals with the hand selected VS, E-F independently certified lab grown diamonds, which will be sure to add luxury to any occasion.


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Lab Grown Diamond Earrings

Our Lab Diamond Earring Collection features various styles including classic studs, hoops, huggie hoops, and drop earrings. Each piece is meticulously designed and carefully crafted to highlight the brilliant sparkle of the lab grown diamonds which star in this collection.

Whether you are looking for everyday earrings or something to make a dazzling statement, we have lab diamond earrings to suit your every need. Our wide range of gorgeous designs is sure to contain what you are looking for for any occasion. Ethica’s stud earrings are perfect for everyday wear while maintaining the breathtaking twinkle that will make the wearer stand out in any crowd. For a bolder look, our range of hoops and drop earrings will catch the eye of everyone with their stylish flair.

Every earring is set with high grade VS clarity E-F colour lab grown diamonds. Lab diamonds are considered a more sustainable alternative to naturally grown diamonds since fewer resources are required for their formation and they cause minimal environmental harm.

The lab diamond earrings in our collection are by far the better choice over natural diamond earrings for their sustainability and affordability. Lab grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in their mineral make up. They are just as durable, and they sparkle just as brilliantly. Lab diamonds are also more affordable because of their manufacturing process which is more controlled and efficient, leading to lower production costs and therefore price for consumers.

Ethica’s beguiling Lab Diamond Earring Collection is sure to hold something for every personality. They will imbue their wearer with sophistication, glamour, and confidence whether it is for a night out, or for a hint of glitter in your everyday life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my lab diamond earrings?

Much like any piece of jewellery, we have a few tips for you on how to care for you lab grown diamond earrings:

1. Remove the earrings when engaging in activities that may cause them unnecessary damage such as sports to protect them.

2. Avoid wearing the earrings while doing activities which involve chemical substances which could damage them such as washing or dyeing your hair.

3. Clean the earrings regularly using mild soap, warm water, and a soft brush to remove dirt and debris that can cause the gemstones to look dull or the metal to tarnish.

4. Safely store the earrings in a secure place, such as a jewellery box or pouch, when you are not wearing them to protect them from scratches or accidental damage.

5. Have the earrings regularly inspected and maintained to ensure the prongs are secure and the gemstones are in good condition. 

Do lab grown diamond earrings look the same as natural diamond earrings?

Yes! Lab diamonds and natural diamonds have the same physical and optical properties and are visually indistinguishable to each other, giving them the same stunning qualities sparkle and brilliance. According to the FTC (Federal Trade of Commission) a diamond is characterised as ‘a mineral consisting essentially of pure carbon crystallised in the isometric system’. This classification is true for all lab grown diamonds as well as naturally grown diamonds since the way they are produced allows lab diamonds to have an essentially identical mineral make-up to naturally grown diamonds.

What are the benefits of choosing lab grown diamond earrings instead of natural diamond earrings?

There are several reasons why you might choose lab-grown diamond earrings over natural ones:

1. Ethical and Sustainable: Lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory setting, eliminating the need for diamond mining and the potential human rights and environmental concerns associated with it. By choosing lab-grown diamonds, you can be confident that your earrings are ethically sourced and environmentally-friendly.

2. Cost: Lab-grown diamonds are generally more affordable than natural diamonds. They are created through controlled processes, which reduces the labour and time involved in diamond mining. This often translates to lower prices, allowing you to get a larger or higher-quality diamond for your budget.

3. Quality and Consistency: Lab-grown diamonds are grown under controlled conditions, which allows for precise control over their colour, clarity, and quality. This means that you can expect a consistent level of quality across all the diamonds used in your earrings.

4. Variety of Colours: Lab-grown diamonds can be created in a variety of colours, including fancy colours such as pink, blue, or yellow. This gives you more options for expressing your personal style and finding a unique pair of earrings.

5. Availability and Accessibility: Lab-grown diamonds are becoming more readily available and accessible in the market.

6. Size and Shape Options: Lab-grown diamonds can be created in larger sizes and unique shapes that may be harder to find in natural diamonds. This allows for more customisation and creativity when designing your earrings.

7. Conflict-Free: Lab-grown diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict-free, as they are created in a controlled environment without any association with regions or activities known for diamond conflicts. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your earrings do not contribute to any human suffering or civil unrest.

Ultimately, the decision between lab-grown diamond earrings and natural ones comes down to personal preference. Lab-grown diamonds offer ethical and sustainable alternatives with high-quality and price advantages, making them a compelling choice for many individuals.

Can you tell the difference between lab grown diamond earrings and natural diamond earrings?

The difference between lab-grown diamond earrings and natural diamond earrings can be difficult to detect with the naked eye. Lab-grown diamonds are created using similar chemical and structural properties as natural diamonds, resulting in diamonds that have the same visual appearance and physical characteristics.

However, there are certain characteristics that gemmologists and experts can use to distinguish between the two:

1. Origin: Natural diamonds are mined from the earth, whereas lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory.

2. Growth patterns: Natural diamonds often have unique growth patterns that contribute to their appearance and can be examined under a microscope. The patterns in lab-grown diamonds may differ slightly from those in natural diamonds, although this is difficult to detect without specialised equipment.

3. Inclusions: Both natural and lab-grown diamonds can contain inclusions or flaws, but the type and location of these inclusions can differ. Gemmologists can examine the inclusions under a microscope to determine if they are consistent with natural or lab-grown diamonds.

4. Price: Lab-grown diamonds are priced lower than natural diamonds of similar size and quality. However, this should not be used as the sole determining factor since natural diamond prices can vary based on many factors.

To conclusively determine if a diamond is lab-grown or natural, specialised testing and equipment are required. Jewellers and gemmologists can use techniques such as spectroscopy or thermal conductivity testing to identify the differences between lab-grown and natural diamonds.

It's important to note that both lab-grown and natural diamonds hold value and beauty. The choice between the two ultimately depends on personal preferences, budget, and ethical considerations.

Are lab grown diamonds fake?

Lab-grown diamonds are not considered "fake" or replicas. They are real diamonds with the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds. The main difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds is their origin.

Lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory using advanced technology that replicates the conditions needed for diamond formation. The process involves subjecting a diamond seed to high temperature and pressure, allowing carbon atoms to crystallize and form a diamond. This results in a diamond that is chemically and optically identical to a natural diamond.

While lab-grown diamonds are not mined from the Earth like natural diamonds, they possess the same characteristics and beauty. They exhibit the same hardness, brilliance, and fire as natural diamonds and are graded using the same criteria, such as the 4Cs (carat weight, colour, clarity, and cut).

Lab-grown diamonds have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ethical and sustainable nature. They eliminate the environmental impact, human rights concerns, and potential conflicts associated with diamond mining. Additionally, lab-grown diamonds often cost less than natural diamonds, making them a more affordable option for many consumers.

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