A Closer Look At Zoe Sugg's 4ct Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring

A Closer Look At Zoe Sugg's 4ct Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring
Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes, the original youtube mum and dad, are engaged! The internet's power couple have finally decided to tie the knot, after ten years together, a house, a daughter and another on the way. The youtuber most commonly known as Zoella announced their engagement with an adorable Instagram video whilst on holiday in Greece last week.


Their Story so far

Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes, affectionately known as Zoella and PointlessBlog in the world of YouTube, have an iconic relationship that has captivated their millions of fans. The couple, who began dating in 2013, have shared their journey of love, growth, and happiness with their online community. Through the years, Zoe and Alfie have showcased their incredible bond, demonstrating how their relationship has stood the test of time in the public eye. From heartwarming vlogs documenting their trips and adventures together, to heartfelt Instagram posts expressing their love for one another, their relationship has become an inspiration for many. In 2021, they welcomed their first daughter, Ottilie, and last year they announced they were pregnant with baby number 2! Last week, Alfie finally proposed to Zoe whilst on holiday in Mykonos, which has to be one of the internets most eagerly anticipated engagements! Fans cannot wait to witness the next chapter in this beautiful love story.

The Proposal

 Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg proposal photo in greece

Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes recently celebrated a monumental moment in their relationship during a family holiday in Mykonos. The picturesque Greek island held special significance for the couple as it marked the 10-year anniversary since they first visited the destination together. Amidst the stunning backdrop of crystal-clear waters and golden sunsets, Alfie waited for a quiet moment for just the two of them (and baby bump!) and popped the question. They later celebrated the news with their family, before announcing their heartwarming news with their massive online following. Fans rejoiced as they saw their favourite YouTube couple take their love to the next level and eagerly await updates on their wedding plans and the birth of baby number two!

The Ring

Zoe Sugg showing her engagement ring to the camera on her hand

Now let's talk bout the ring! Classy, simple and sophisticated - Alfie chose an oval cut diamond solitaire set on a yellow gold slim band with contemporary talon claws. We are definitely seeing a huge amount of celebrities choosing oval cuts, popular for their deep sparkle and flattering effect on the finger. Zoe’s ring is very similar to fellow online celebrity, Molly Mae. As we write this in September 2023, our top five best selling engagement rings are all ovals! Zoe’s diamond is estimated to be 4ct, which depending on grading typically would vary between £25,000 - £135,000, if mined. In contrast, a 4ct lab-grown diamond with excellent grading would be between £6,000 - £12,000.

In a recent youtube video, Alfie shared some more details of the ring, which he says he designed with a local jeweller in Brighton. He says the ring has a hidden halo of 10 diamonds, to represent the ten years they have been together. He also chose to set their daughter Ottilie and baby number 2’s birthstones inside the band. These sweet and thoughtful details give the ring a personal touch, and hold a lot of sentimental value. Zoe is visibly delighted with the ring, which she describes as “perfect, there’s absolutely nothing I would change” She goes on to say that Alfie would win prizes for his skill in pulling off surprises. Alfie explains that he created a new secret email address for all communication with his jeweller and found Zoe’s ring size by finding a recent picture of her wearing a ring on her engagement ring finger and measuring it. Top detective work, Alfie. Boys - take note!

Our Oval Solitaire | The Sira Ring

front view of 2.92ct oval lab diamond solitaire in yellow gold

rear view of 2.92ct oval lab diamond solitaire in yellow gold

Zoe’s ring is almost identical to our best selling Sira design. The Sira features a rounded thin band with a contemporary four talon claw setting that perfectly showcases the oval cut diamond. The subtle sparkle hidden halo adorns the setting to add a hint of subtle glamour to the sophisticated solitaire. We estimate setting the Sira with a well graded Lab-Grown Diamond would cost between £7,500 - £12,000 - depending on the chosen colour and clarity grading.

Alternatively, if set with a 4ct Ethica Diamond Moissanite would be £6,450.

For more information on the stones we offer, visit Our Moissanite and Our Lab Diamond educational pages.

two wedding rings resting on a plain white surface with flowers in the background and small gemstones set on the inside of the bands

We also love the idea of setting birthstones inside the band. This is something we’ve done before and can accommodate upon request, as well as engraving.The recent engagement of Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes has sent waves of joy and excitement throughout their online community. As two influential figures in the world of social media, their love story has resonated with millions of fans who have followed their journey from the beginning. We wish them a lifetime of happiness!

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